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  1. te410

    Husqvarna exhaust

    Go to a 52t, and look into a doma pipe. www.lanstronracing.com
  2. te410


    I just installed a doma pipe on my 00 te410. I had them put a pro-billet cap and spark arrestor on it also. It's a little louder than stock, sounds great. I plan to run a sound test on it. It's a bit lighter feeling than stock too. My next addition will be a rekluse auto clutch, for nasty tight stuff. I really like the 410. Go to www.langstronracing.com to find the doma pipe, I bought the pipe for the 570 husky, slips right on. Happy trails
  3. te410

    Buying 01 Husky wr360 or 02 fc470 husaberg?

    I'll do that. Thanks
  4. te410

    Buying 01 Husky wr360 or 02 fc470 husaberg?

    Turbo993 where in central Ca do you live? i found a nice 2001 in the low 3's. make me an offer i can't refuse. i'm 12 hours away and will pick up.
  5. te410

    Buying 01 Husky wr360 or 02 fc470 husaberg?

    FlyingBob Thanks for your imput.I really enjoy my TE.Would like to have a 2-stroke just to make it interesting in the mud.Can you tell if there is a lot of vibration when you ride? I have not ridden my new prospect yet.My plan is for some 2 day rides into the woods.
  6. te410

    Want to ride Mt. Hood area.

    bigbob I did'nt know they gave the inmates access to computers. When you ride, do you have to use the narrow handle bars to accomidate the cuff's......just kidding,I lived not far from folsom in the 80's. Tell me about your DRZ, don't know anything about them. See alot of people use them.Are they good in the tight stuff?
  7. te410

    Buying 01 Husky wr360 or 02 fc470 husaberg?

    Thanks Foley The 360 I tested started well, with direction from the owner. It does not have the de-comp. installed, which the owner said would make it start like a 125. Foley, what do you ride? Your advice comfirms my suspition about Husabergs, may be the reason the owner has had only 3 calls since July. Being half Swede, I must overcome the Husa's good looks and heritage. Time to brush up on my Italian. Thanks...........
  8. te410

    Want to ride Mt. Hood area.

    Looking for good trails any where from Boring,Or to foothills around Mt Hood.
  9. I ride a Husky TE 410, which I really enjoy,and plan to keep, but I'm looking to up the thrill factor a bit, and add another bike on the rack.I like the idea of the light Husky 360, with all it's go power, but I'm unsure I can live with it. The Husaberg I know what to expect. Need advice.... Stuck in the mud......