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    04' TE 250 Cam Wear

    I was checking the valve lash on my 04' TE250 yesterday and noticed cam wear on one of the exhaust lobes that looks like the plating is flaking off. Has anyone else seen this or know anyting about it? I recall some of the early Ducati 748s having a similar issue under race conditions. The attached photo shows the wear on the left exhaust lobe. The bike only has about 12 days of riding on it and the valve lash was still in spec (.006" for the intakes and .007" for the exhaust). I've been very good about changing oil and cleaning/replacing the filters. Any thoughts? Thanks, Michael.
  2. Does anyone know what the Suzuki factory spec (or allowable range)is for the DRZ400S? I'd like to do a compression check to verify the condition of the top end. Thanks, Michael.