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  1. Where’s the roller lifters that ride that beast.
  2. Did you bake it on?
  3. Confederate

    Procom CDI Box Question

    Plug and Play
  4. Confederate

    2019 crf250f

    The Shorai battery is much smaller than either factory battery. You make it fit the box with the supplied foam pieces. It is 3 pounds lighter that the lead acid one that comes OEM.
  5. Confederate

    What sprocket setup do y’all run?

    I ride tight single track. First is about useless anyway. Most of what I ride is second and third gear kinda stuff. I went 51 on the rear to bring third in just a hair sooner. Was just changing shift point to my preference.
  6. Confederate

    230s R slow

    There also seems to be no way to get any of the aftermarket Brazilian parts sent here. Maybe if we spoke Portuguese? Yet we can get Chinese crap sent here with free shipping.
  7. Confederate

    New member. Wife authorized me to ride again!

    When I met my wife I didn’t have a dirt bike. Had gone through a divorce a few years before. Child support and all the bills the first wife left me with required the liquidation of all non-necessary assets. The new wife could see all the pics in the photo albums of me on dirt bikes through the previous years. We hadn’t been together even a year yet and were at the second funeral in a month for buddies that died on their Harley. She looked at me on the way out of the funeral home and said, “ Promise me No street bikes.” I replied with, “That’s cool, I’m kinda scared of cars anyway.” Couple of years go by and I find a barn find KDX 250 for $100. I’m rolling it to the shop in the backyard and she comes to the door with that bitch look on her face and says, “What the hell is that?” I replied with ,”My new motorcycle!” All happy and excited like a kid at Christmas. She says,” I thought I said no motorcycles!” I reminded her that, “ No, you said no street bikes! This is a dirt bike and if I run into a tree, it is not the trees fault it did not move!” I’ve run into a few trees since, once she even tried to suggest I was getting to old for this stuff. Then she realizes that no matter what causes my injury whether work or play I work hard rehabbing so I can get back on the bike. I stay in marginally decent shape so I can ride. Now from time to time when I haven’t been riding cause things are too busy she will say,” Do you have plans to ride anytime soon. Cause you have an attitude problem.” She says my attitude is much better for a couple of weeks after I ride, that I’m more happy go lucky. Tell her it would be nice if she bought you and son some protective gear. Dress for the crash, it ain’t if but when. I still play on the xr100 I have left from the daughter when she was young. It’s a blast to ride it just needs stiffer springs if an adult is riding it. Hard landings suck.
  8. Bunny is becoming so international. Japanese bike from Brazil with Canadian parts. Do you have anything on there that was made in USA?
  9. Confederate

    Ridding areas near Fort Campbell

    Turkey Bay OHV area in Land Between the Lakes isn’t too far from Ft Campbell.
  10. Confederate

    What do you use for washing

    Read the fine print. Don’t drink it or you won’t be able to hold your mud.
  11. Look closely snake at the pic. It is the restart you speak of.
  12. Confederate

    He would Know VortecCPI

    All the math in the world and all the weight you could figure to loose from the bike. I’m still a six foot tall 200 lb lard ass riding a girly bike. It sure is fun to ride tho.
  13. Confederate

    Starter won’t turn

    Well since you say you have (+) positive at the starter, are you sure you have ground attached to the frame. We need a little more information to give a proper diagnosis.
  14. Confederate

    DOHC 4 Valve conversion

    Mixxer’s just anxious waiting for one of those billet cams and lashing out.
  15. Confederate

    Good idea or bad idea?

    What is the base dB reading would be key to solving your sound dilemma. The uncorked stock muffler wasn’t loud to me just raspy sounding. Had a Pro Circuit on mine since 09. It’s a little deeper toned with less pop-i-ness. Never thought either way I was annoyingly loud. Of course I do live in Mississippi and the rednecks like’em loud with a yeti beer holder. So they the ones getting in trouble.