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  1. krony506

    2016 YZ250F aftermarket exhaust

    I had used Dr.D for several years and there quality is top notch.
  2. Hi all! I was wondering what everyone is running on there 2016 for an exhaust? I was going to go Dr.D but wanted everyones opinion.
  3. krony506

    Anyone have a 2016 YZ250F yet

    Got mine this morning.
  4. krony506

    Anyone have a 2016 YZ250F yet

    My 60th anniversary came in yesterday and I will be picking it up tomorrow morning.
  5. krony506

    Need help- 15 450F starting

    Thanks Gray for responding. I did try that prior to me posting this. That had no effect on the starting.
  6. Hi all! I hope I can get a little help. I added a Yoshimura full exhaust. When the bike is cold it will start very easy. When I come back in from a practice session and take a 15 to 20 min. break the bike will not start. I have to kick for 5 to 10 min. before it will fire. Do I need to make a change to the ECU for easier starting?
  7. krony506

    How did everyone like there 15 250F

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I love the suspension on the Yamaha I just can't handle my 450 power. This is my 2015 450
  8. Hi everyone! I am getting a 2016 YZ250F after riding the 2015 YZ450F this year. How did everyone like there 2015? I weigh 170 pounds , Does the suspension need anything?
  9. krony506

    Foam air scoop inserts, 14-15 yz450f

    I have a brand new set unopened if you want them.
  10. krony506

    Pittsburgh raceway park mx?

    Well for me Switchback is the closest. I am trying to hit Saturdays that have practice before there Sunday race.
  11. krony506

    Pittsburgh raceway park mx?

    The place was shut down and I heard they are expanding there drag racing facility.
  12. Rider300, I like your scooter!!!