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  1. midnightmart

    450 xc Track Gearing

    Thank you very much! I am going to try it.
  2. midnightmart

    450 xc Track Gearing

    Thanks! I stopped by Malcom Smith Motorsports today and they sold me a 52 for the rear. I think I will give it a try. I am with you....I am looking for a 2+ gear coming out of tight turns and into a jump. For the most part it is great and plenty of power. If the 52 is too low, I will back off a tooth. Thanks
  3. midnightmart

    450 xc Track Gearing

    I have an 07 KTM 450 XC. Just the XC not the XC-W or Exc. I ride the track and in the desert but lately find myself at the track more often. I have changed the front sprocket from a 14 to a 13. The back is still stock at 50. It works pretty good but I would like other riders setup suggestions. Thanks.
  4. I have a YFZ 450 with Gytr pipe and an open air box. Just purchased the JD jetting kit for it. What is the best jetting setup for Glamis?
  5. midnightmart

    Yamaha Fuel Screw

    got a yfz450 atv and have done the jetting (168) pipe (GYTR)slip on and yz needle. Sounds stupid but I don't know where the fuel screw is on the carb. Any help?