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  1. It wasn't so much the torque but the state of the heads. The edges were pre-rounded. The impact driver allowed me to steady and apply pressure with one hand and pop the trigger with the other. It made easy work of most of the ones that wouldn't spin. Except one which I dremeled a slot in to get purchase on and then it too came right out. Cases seem fine as does the piston and cylinder. I need to get the 20mm spanner for the clutch now. Oh well - this will give me the time to get the tires off of the rims - a challenge I had not expected. Thanks for the advice! - Sean
  2. Thanks again - awesome advice as usual dirtbkr188. I'm down to the engine and the wheels/tires to get this on the trail again. I will post a build thread when done.
  3. OK - first time splitting motorcycle cases. Finally got all the stripped screws removed - should have used an impact gun from the start but no - screwdrivers got 60% of the case screws, an impact gun all the rest but one which needed the dremel - but I digress. My question is this: I am replacing the kick start shaft. The head and jug are off as is the flywheel (wanted to replace points and condenser.) What else do I have to remove to split the cases and get at the kick start shaft - does the clutch have to come off? Can I leave the piston on the connecting rod? ...the engine is from '72 if that matters. Also, I grabbed a head and carb off of a crf50 on Ebay for next to nothing to get the carb. The head looks a lot better than the old one - but it looks like it has a lot less space in it than the old one - I am guessing that they are not compatible - is that correct? Thanks! - Sean
  4. z4me

    CRF50 inner rotor kits ?

    It is not top RPM or the lighter flywheel causing faster spinup - the the IRK introduces advance to the ignition curve - which is needed to develop power efficiently in the upper RPMs.
  5. Yep thanks IowaCRFRider. I was 6'0" when I first lifted my leg over one of these - and I always thought it was a blast. I will start a build thread real soon. I am in the middle of the engine now and the frame, forks and swingarm should be back from the powder coater any day now. Bags of parts all over my shed. - Sean
  6. Points and condenser are cheap. The points are likely oxidized from 15 years of non use. I would get it, and test for voltage from the wire exiting the case when the engine is spinning. If you get none get both points and condenser and a flywheel puller if you don't have access to it and replace both while you are in there.
  7. z4me

    CRF 50 kick starter ?

    There is a spring on the kick start shaft that is responsible for the return of the pedal. It has probably become dislodged and is binding up the floating parts on the spindle. http://shop.thumpertalk.com/oem.asp?partcategory=520492&manufacturer=3&category=3&year=2008&model=11999
  8. Do you think this would work with a stock z50? I cannot even move the slider on the stock carb and at this price - I might as well go for it. I'd probably need to get a smaller main jet... would it physically fit?
  9. Just a quick note to laugh at myself. It seems that the older engines were neutral at the top and 3 gears down. I was trying for 1 down, 2 up and neutral in the middle - that is probably why I could never get it into neutral. I have parts coming in from a dozen sources now. Planning on taking the frame, forks & swingarm to a powder coater while I have the engine apart. Should dig into that this weekend.
  10. Racer - thanks for the points link - it will be useful as I have not messed with points in probably 20 years now. I am content in rebuilding what I have @49cc for my 8yo. I want him to learn the ropes before he has more throttle. The plan, if I can keep my wife at bay, is to build this one stock, teach the 8yo, then teach the 4yo, and finally build a second @88cc & +1 on the suspension. I think my wife will allow it as it will give her Sundays free of the kids.
  11. K - so my bad. The head is typical with what looks like a crack in the exhaust manifold. I am going to make this work. I have popped the motor off and am cleaning it up. Next I'll take an angle grinder to the welded on kick start lever, then split the cases. The carb is pretty well frozen up - I will soak it and replace it if it is too corroded inside. The motor seems to be a '70-'71 Z50AK2 ...thanks to dirtbkr188 setting me straight on the serial numbers. Anybody have recommendations on a gasket set for this motor? I have now spent a disgusting amount of money to get it restored. The one thing I have refused to buy is $24 number plates. Are they nuts? DK has generics that will look good. I will wait until I buy the little guy some riding gear to get them. He is getting very excited but bummed at the same time as he sees the motorcycle go further and further away from being ridable. He did get excited when I pulled out my WR250f for the first time in years and popped a few wheelies. Can't wait to ride with my new riding buddy
  12. As dirttrackin280h pointed out - the kick start was welded. Not only welded but welded in the wrong position. Further investigation showed that this was probably a z50a engine (correct me if I am wrong) with some head damage at the exhaust flange as well... I am wondering if it would be worth my time to fix (new head + splitting the cases to replace the starter shaft) or to source another motor for it. The rest of the engine is fairly unknown. It has compression but I have never actually gotten it into neutral. I was thinking I have just been clumsy - but now I wonder. What says the Thumpertalk experts - source another one? I spent some $$$ at the Thumpertalk store today getting all the little OEM pieces - grommets, springs, anything made out of rubber. I've seen a bolt kit on Ebay for the z50 in the right years - has anyone had experience with: "This kit was designed and created by Motorsport Fasteners (ebay id Fastnerguy)" ...or is this just another bit o Ebay hype and a waste of money? Thanks, - Sean
  13. How is the jetting on the bike? Stock? Proper jetting will make all the difference in the world.
  14. Thank you everyone. I have not taken it apart to see the innards - that will come soon. I just moved into a new house in a new state and working on the house and getting my 3 12year+ old cars registered and inspected is taking toll on my time right now. I saw this item in the local Craigslist and could not resist. I have browsed and registered on the planet minis site as well. Will send PMs when I get a little wrench time on it! Thanks, - Sean