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    where shoudl I get the rest of my parts?

    CCD: I know this is late so ignore if you are past this, but I just built up a CRF450r and found www.motostrano.com to be the ticket. They are pretty complete on motard stuff and I live in Northern Calif. so I can drive there. I ended up using a SME catch can which runs your carb breathers into a long hose which is emptied after each ride. I used an aluminum water bottle for my radiator with some hose and barbed fittings from the hardware store (zip tied to frame in front). As for the crankcase breather, I extended it with a barbed coupler and hose from the hardware store and ran it into the airbox. I will probably put an in-line filter on it (made for pit bikes) or just leave it. It should not spill oil if everthing is working okay. As for hard parts I started with one of their conversion kits and improvised from there. I also included a slipper clutch because I have one on my track sport bike and I love the wheel spin you get with them. A bit expensive but great for control. Hope that helps, sorry for the late reply, I just logged on for the first time in a long time.
  2. I am going to upgrade to an '05 or an '06 crf450 from my '02 cr. Like most of us, I have invested tons into aftermarket stuff on the CR and I am curious to know if any of it can be installed on the crf. Obviously, the engine upgrades will go with the bike. However I am curious if anyone knows whether my Excel-Talons (19/21) , my skid plate, my pegs and my and my triple clamps can be installed on the new bike. Anyone been through this and perhaps has knowledge? Thanks for your help.
  3. I am not having luck finding the right combo for my 50. I am at sea level in Nor-Cal. I am running a Keihin 18mm with BBR pipe, K & N filter, and BBR 82cc hop-up kit. I have the 92 main jet and the needle in center position. I am getting no idle, OK low end and sputtering top end. I tried moving the needle down one ring and got no idle, horrible low end and sputtering top end. Any ideas????