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  1. sixbey

    03 wr 450 electric starter problem

    postalridrer, yes i did install the bushing to make the 03 mate up to th 04. xrmarty. how would i check that relay? thanks for the help guys!!!
  2. I just finished motarding an 03 wr 450. When I first bought it the electric starter would not turn over the motor. I heard about the problems with the 03 so did a lot of research on the problems with the 03 woodruff key and other affected parts. So I have changed all the recomended parts (04 torque limiter, and misc pieces), put in a new starter clutch, and even put in a new starter motor. The kick starter works fine. The electric starter still will not turn over the motor even after the bike has been running for a little. I charged the battery and it reads 15.3 volts on the meter. I did get it to turn over the motor 1 time for about 2 to 3 seconds. I did notice that the + battery lead got hot. I didn't feel the - lead. I even went as far to disconect the bike battery and connected the battery terminals via jumper cables to my truck. No change. Can anyone help? Thanks
  3. sixbey

    Doug Henry injured again in practice crash.

    a friend and I went to the race and had to leave just when someone had crashed down on the north end of the track and the ambulence had just come out. This was later in the day. Was that Doug? I hate to see anyone get hurt. That was actually the first motard race either of us had seen in person. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Doug and his family.
  4. sixbey

    RE: Yamaha's New Larger Front Brake Rotor Kit

    i have an oversized rotor and relocation bracket currently on my 450 and am in the process of upgrading to a wave 320 for supermoto. Make me an offer. Its just going to sit on the shelf. It is streight and looks just like the original stock unit. email me at sixbey@cox.net if interested.
  5. sixbey

    stock gas tank decals

    I was more intrested in the actual stock decals. All the other decals are perfect and I like the stock look. Yeah I know.. its OCD
  6. sixbey

    New to street riding...yammy wr's?

    save yourself a ton of time and money. buy one that is already done and titled. trust me! I am in the middle of the process right with a WR and it is very expesive and almost impossible to title. DMV translates to "we are not going to let you title something this fun no matter what you do" go to www.supermotojunkie.com You will be able to buy one for 1 or 2 grand over a normal bike.
  7. sixbey

    stock gas tank decals

    where is the cheapest place to buy gas tank decals for a 03 wr 450? and is there any way to keep them from turning yellow? thanks
  8. sixbey

    DC headlight power?

    why not abandon your ac power and just run a new line to your battery to get dc power?
  9. sixbey

    03 wr 450 wiring questions

    Please....is there any one out there that can answer this?
  10. sixbey

    03 wr 450 wiring questions

    the leds are working fine streight off the battery. just don't know what wires to connect the positives to. I would assume any ground will work but not 100% sure. HELP A BROTHER OUT!!!!!!
  11. Okay you wiring gurues. I am almost done wiring my wr to make it street legal. I have 2 problem I can't figure out. Mainly with hooking up some led indicator lights. 1) Where can I wire a neutral led indicator light into. I have tried going from the neutral switch for the positive lead and ground to the battery. But no results. (That would just be to easy) Tried some other wirers off the cdi unit and diode. But still nothing. I remember reading some threads about using a different ground but that was on a yz. 2) Next is the headlight. I wired up the low beam to be on as soon as the key switch I added is turned on. Then I wired to high beam to turn on when the original light switch is turned on. It works perfect. The only problem is when i wired the led indicater light to come on when the high beam is turned on it does not come on. thanks for any help!:
  12. sixbey

    tilting rotating footpegs

    okay here's the info There are two companies that make a similar product with slightly different designs. both pivot up and down and rotate fowards and backwards. The biggest difference is pivotpegz.net has a spring that rotates the peg back to neutral position when force is not being applied. It is slightly more expensive and the springs have to be replaced periodically. The other company powerpegz.com does not use springs and is slightly less expensive but from what I understand do not rotate back to a neutral position on their own. There are other differnces but from talking to the dealers from both companies this what was important to me. Thanks again for helping me solve this riddle guys. By the way....how do you post pics in a thread?
  13. I bought a used bike and it came with some aftermarket footpegs that tilt like stock pegs but also rotate a few degrees forward and backwards. I like them but one of the pegs has a broken spring that if not broken keeps the footpeg in center position when preasure is not being applied. I do not see any type of marking on the pegs other than a clear decal with white writing on it. Only problem it is old and very scratched up. It looks like it starts with an R and is possibly 2 short words or 1 long word. Not sure how to post a pic. I am assuming since this is aftermarket it is made for several brands of bikes but mine is an 03 wr 450. Any idea what brand it is and who sells em? Thanks for the help in advance.
  14. sixbey

    does anyone use a REKLUSE in motard riding?

    It seems like the few people that have them like them "according to their buddy". Here's a couple questions: 1 does it heat up the motor oil any more 2 if properly addjusted does it where the clutch plates any faster (it must) 3 are there any disadvantages other than cost 4 does it make it any harder to learn how to "back it in" or any thing else with out a clutch Thanks!!
  15. just bought a used 03 wr 450. it started as a dirt machine but was quickly motarded. it will most likely do motard duty with me. can you guys give me heads up on any quarks and the common maintenance items. thanks