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    Huge Mini Race at Walnen MX in NY : 10/23

    All the info is at www.waldenmx.com I believe. But anyway signup is 12-3:30 and then racing is from 3:30 on.. If you have a mini there is a class for you!
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know there is a big mini race this saturday at Walden MX track in NY. The website is www.waldenmx.com It's only $10 a class to race this thing with numerous classes to choose from (50's-110's-all skill levels, etc) and riding all day, so everyone should come out and have some fun!
  3. Check out the new ignition cover I got on my bike. You can get it from ahpminis.com
  4. hondaho56

    1st annual playbike bash

    I am under 2 hours away, I can make it out there I am sure..
  5. hondaho56

    Need XR 70/50 technical info!

    Say for a 2002-2003, not like it really matter's because the motor has remained pretty much the same for 40 years now.
  6. Need these questions answered, or would appreciate help knowing where I could find these answers: Stroke: Rod Length: Rod Ratio: Intake Valve Diameter: Exhaust Valve Diameter: Inductino Flow in CFM: Intake Lift At Valve (inches): Exhaust Lift At Valve (inches): Lifter Acceleration Rate: Valve Opening/CLosing Based on: Primary Timing: Secondary Timing: Intake Duration: Exhaust Duration: Intake Centerline Angle: Exhaust Centerline Angle: Lobe Centerline Angle: Valve Overlap: Thanks to anyone who can provide help.
  7. hondaho56

    braking your collar bone sucks!!!!!

    I have broken my collarbone 5 times, all on a bike! By the 4th time, I would break it and be able to life things, move around, reach over my head and everthing while it was broke because there was so much of a calcium deposit!
  8. hondaho56

    KX250F/RMZ Waterpump/Improved impeller

    The faster you can move coolant throughout the system, the cooler your bike will run which will result in better power. The Boyesen setup seems to be the only one with the special impeller to improve flow.
  9. hondaho56

    xr70 forks on xr50

    Here are some pics of my bike, I now have custom AHP graphics on it, which is a bit of a side company project I started.
  10. hondaho56

    xr70 forks on xr50

    Hey, I know Jim and Brian Frick, owners of PRC, they are really great guys. Anyway, they built me my racing 50 from scratch using all 70 parts except a stock XR50 main frame. I have the set of XR70 forks they set up for me with thier stiffer springs in them and thier riser triple clamps. I have Tag bars as well... It's a great cost effective setup. I may actually be looking to sell my set, so let me know if your interested and I will post a pic of my bike as well as the fork setup if your interested in buying. BTW I am running stock XR50 rims as well..