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  1. superman244

    What oil is evryone running??????

    Same here! I run CaseIH Hy-Tran in the tranny and HP4 so far in the engine. I have run the Hy-Tran for 5 years and absolutely no problems, and its only $25 for 5 gallons.
  2. superman244

    o- ring or not

    How many link chain is on the 250F?
  3. superman244

    White Bros..Carbon pro installed

    I just got the carbon pro system, and does anyone know if the air filter that comes with it is a backfire type filter? Reason, can I pull out the screen and use this filter, or do I need to get a twin air backfire filter?
  4. superman244

    White Bros Carbon Pro Exhaust

    Just picked up a Carbon pro for $750 from BTO. Best price I found. FYI
  5. superman244

    White Bros Carbon Pro Exhaust

    Where did you get the carbor Yosh pipe? I have called around and nobody seems to know that one is coming out. About how much do they run$ ?
  6. superman244

    crf250 exhaust

    What kind of exhaust are you guys running, and how do you like it? I am close to ordering a white bros carbon pro, but I was curious if anyone has tried anything else.