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    CRF150 jetting

    I picked up the kit, and yes, it has a pilot jet, main jet, air filter, and complete exhaust. With the airbox snorkle removed and a re-jet (using the ones that came with the kit) the bike had a noticable increase in low-mid power... and it's loud and 'throaty' sounding now too
  2. xmccann


    I have a CRF150, and honestly haven't done a direct comparison with the 230. I have heard many times that the bikes DO share most parts (hence the extra mounts on 150 frame, improperly sized front fender, etc.). Check this out: BBR CRF FAQ's
  3. xmccann


    I believe the only difference between the two is wheel size, forks and shock length. The frame, engine, seat, tank, body work, etc. are the same. The motors obviously have internal differences, but since they share the frame you should be good to go.
  4. xmccann

    CR85 Front Fender on a CRF150?

    Hmm... It looks like the CR fender is "Explosion Red", and the CRF fender is "Extreme Red". I guess I'll have to head to the dealer to do a visual comparison.
  5. Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has tried a CR85 front fender on a CRF150, and if so, how difficult was the install? Thanks -X