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  1. chrissu

    Florida's Area51 NEW LAYOUT VID!!

    Thanks Jason... Next time I'm out, you're welcome to run my new GoPro while you fly over that 95ft Quad-zilla. I still can't muster up the nerve for that one - one of these days!
  2. chrissu

    Area 51 Dreamtraxx

    Well, don't forget to sync up with us Florida riders when you make your trip. We'll make sure you include area 51 on your rounds!
  3. chrissu

    Area 51 Dreamtraxx

    Thanks ftball90. Not sure if you've ever been to the track before but it's the same old property with a new track layout. Much faster now. Then again, if Tim Ferry, Chisholm, Renner, or Freebird had been on the track when we were runnin the Gopro, they would have been passing us both up like we were in first gear so it's kinda relative!
  4. Thanks Dr Sanders! It's been just over a year since I last posted here and I'm happy to report that my partial Scaphoid/Lunate Ligament Tear and pain issue healed up completely. I was back riding after about 6 months and the wrist has been fine. I think the conservative riding actually helped me to get back the full range of motion sooner too. Your advice helped me avoid unnecessary surgery from a Dr who just wanted to go in and explorer around to see what he should see. Thanks! Chris
  5. chrissu

    Florida's Area51 NEW LAYOUT VID!!

    Jason, Hope the knee is healing up well so you can get back out there soon. Here's another video of Area 51 from this past Tuesday. It's definitely like riding at an entirely new track. It just has great flow to it and it seems to be holding up really well. Hats off to the Dreamworxx team - they rock! http://youtu.be/eg8uXk5_XTo
  6. http://youtu.be/eg8uXk5_XTo
  7. Is this one of the better tracks in Georgia? Never been there myself but thought I'd ask.
  8. chrissu

    Neck Brace and Reed's Crash?

    Wear a neck brace. I'm convinced that wearing one saved me from a serious neck injury. and... Wear a helmet... Wear knee braces... Reed was damm lucky (brace or no brace) and we're all glad he was able get back up. There are too many x-riders in wheelchairs that have to watch motocross from the sidelines. Don't risk it.
  9. chrissu

    CTI Knee Braces?

    The doc was initially planning to prescribe just one brace until I requested the pair. If he had prescribed just the one and I had submitted a claim for the one, I probably would have had to buy the second one myself too. Or perhaps it's more based on what insurance carrier a person has.
  10. Hello Doc - Thanks for the quick reply and conservative suggestion. I do have some pain but you may be right. I feel the pain when I flex my wrist in an upward direction (as if hitting the gas with full throttle on a bike). It is good to hear that you would suggest the conservative route as being a valid option. I appreciate it. Chris
  11. chrissu

    CTI Knee Braces?

    I've received a script for CTIs without a problem. The only requirement of the insurance company is that a doctor deem them as "medically necessary". That makes it easy to a the scrip. Just call your insurance company first and ask them to confirm that they cover "medically necessary" orthopedic gear. In my case, I injured one knee and the doc had no problem in prescribing "a pair" of knee braces. He was going to have me fitted for another brand of knee brace and I asked for CTIs. He had no problem with that at all. Those CTI braces are 5 years old and as strong as ever. They probably saved me from having another knee injury at least a half a dozen times since. I won't ride without them.
  12. Hello Dr. Mark, I recently took a hard fall on my right wrist and have since been diagnosed with a scapholunate dissociation (Ligament tear between the scaphoid bone and lunate bone in the wrist). Would you be able to treat this problem or recommend a hand surgeon who specializes in repairing this type of injury? I've seen three hand surgeons this past week seeking their opinions. One suggested using a screw to help fuse the scaphoid and lunate bones together. The second disagreed with that idea saying it would limit movement too much for my age and said it was more suitable for someone 65 (not 45). The second doctor suggested performing an orthroscopy to take a look first. Then decide if ligament grafting or ligament repair (both involve wires). The third, didn't suggest surgery (I have separation on xray and pain but no watson test clicking). Everything I've read and heard tells me this injury can put me on the fast track to severe arthritis in the wrist (SLAC) if I don't get it fixed properly. I'm leaning toward the second doctor but not confident I've even found the right Doc yet. I live in Tampa FL but would be willing to travel as required if I can find the right doctor. I have Blue Cross PPO. Thanks in advance :-) Chris
  13. chrissu

    can i put a KX450f exhaust on my klx450r?

    I'm trying to avoid a potential future noise ordinance issue where I usually ride and was curious if the 09 KLX450R muffler will bolt onto a 09 KX450R. Anyone tried it? Was the reduction in power significant? If this works and you have an 09 stock KLX450R muffler that you want to sell, I'm interested. Thanks! Chris