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  1. IdahoMan

    Mounting Ohlins 2.1 Damper ?

    Sorry, I didn't get a chance and I broke my collar bone and will be having surgery next week. So, I don't see myself getting to it for at least 3 or 4 weeks. And, I know I don't have all the parts I need because I left the bar riser mounts on the KTM when I sold it thinking I would just purchase a mounting kit for the Beta. However, I know the biggest question is if the tower will mount up. I tried holding it up and looking but you just can't really tell without removing the top triple clamp.
  2. IdahoMan

    Mounting Ohlins 2.1 Damper ?

    I will take a look this weekend and see if what I removed from the KTM will would work on the Beta.
  3. IdahoMan

    Mounting Ohlins 2.1 Damper ?

    I forgot to mention that I would prefer not to raise my bars on the Beta. ProMoto Billet has a Fastway over the bar mount. But, I don't know if it is compatible with the Ohlins v2.1. If I didn't already have the Ohlins I would purchase the Fastway. Note: There website shows it for 2010 - 2014 models. And, I don't know if they have not updated this information or if the 2015 frame is different.
  4. IdahoMan

    Mounting Ohlins 2.1 Damper ?

    I removed the Ohlins v2.1 stabilizer from my 2009 KTM 300 XC which I sold and purchased a 2015 Beta 300 RR Race. I would like to mount this stabilizer to the Beta but saw that Ohlins did not offer a mounting kit. I will monitor this thread in hopes of finding the best solution to accomplishing this. And, I will post any information I find to mounting my Ohlins v2.1 stab on my new Beta 300.
  5. IdahoMan

    2007 crf450r backfiring and hard to start

    Check the back fire plate on the carb slide. It may be put on upside down which causes the issues you described. If someone at the shop re-jetted or even he re-jetted the bike they may have put this plate back on upside down. Make sure the pointed or crowned end in on top. You will get better response to this in the CRF450 forum.
  6. Looks like you need to go back to work so you can get a rear tire.
  7. IdahoMan

    Race The Land Chairity Race

    I am from Idaho and we are coming down to the race. It is a great bang for the buck. I will be bringing four riders and maybe two others. Hope the weather holds out.
  8. IdahoMan

    Do i Crash????

    Considering the bike is straight, your head is up and looking forward, and the picture represents the worst state, you should save it.
  9. I hope this works since this is my first post here. The picture was taken during Friday practice this past weekend at the Payette, ID WORCS race. Bobby really started show boating for the crowd during practice. I sent my son to the trailer to get my camera. He got back just in time to get some pictures of the last lap. My son is the boy standing in the bottom right of the picture. He motioned for Bobby to hit it and this is what we got. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v672/brucecar/BondsWhip.jpg
  10. Brand spanking new 1974 Penton 100. Had some great memories on that bike. That was during the period when bikes would load-up. I can remember racing and coming out of a corner towards the finish line only to have the thing load-up on me. I ended up pushing the somewhat running bike across the finish line while sounding like someone had forgot to pull the exhaust plug. Had the bike two years before getting a 1976 Husqvarna cr250. The throttle on the husky could have easily been confused with an on/off switch. A wild powerband now replaced the loading up issue. I must have wheelied over at least 15 times on that bike.
  11. IdahoMan

    Anybody remember the password for the manual PDF?

    I have it at work and will post tomorrow morning if not posted earlier.
  12. IdahoMan

    Won't start.

    Are your sure this was not one of those 2003 wr450s. This is the first I have heard of Honda doing this.
  13. IdahoMan

    Showa Works kit shock???

    RCannon, I live just up the street in Idaho and have a CRF450 that would love a works shock. How much do you need??
  14. IdahoMan

    Question for WORCS racers.

    I also recommend installing a larger tank. As for gearing that depends on the conditions. Close to stock gearing works better than taller gearing for the worcs races. There will be a few sections that you will get topped out but only for a short distance. It is not like a desert race where you may go for a couple of miles on a high speed road.
  15. Just a note to express my towards the James Dean Jetting Kit. I recently took my bike to the worcs race in Payette, Idaho. I knew it was going to be cold and that the elevation was 2000ft. I changed the needle and main jet to reflect the above conditions. I rode it a bit at 4500ft (cold weather) and it did not feel to bad. Slightly slower to build revs. However, upon arriving to the track the bike ran great. Throttle responce was spot on and I only adjusted the fuel screw 1/8 of a turn. Probably didn't even need to do that. Thanks for taking alot of the guess work out of jetting. Now if I could only ride like my bike runs I would be very happy.