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  1. hey i have an rmz and have went through about 7 oil changes now and havent had ne problem losing ne oil until i drain it ... i use spectro fully synthetic 10w-40
  2. hey the best way to go is to get a scott's s/s(stain less steal) filter.....there $69.95 and reuseable for life just wash them...late DUSTIN
  3. hey i have had my new rmz for about a month now and right when i got my bike i switched to spectro 10w-40 cuz my dealer/sponsor said to run regular oil for the first few changes then i could switch to spectro synthetic/petrolium but run regular oil of ne kind just till breakins over b/c synthetic oil is to slick and when in the cylinder its so smooth that the rings dont set right but with regular oil they get hotter and wear in fully...then switch to synthetic....but ive used spectro for all 5 years ive been racing and never had ne problems wiht ne thing......but if u want to spend the extra money then go wiht red line.....but i get all my oil for free and i still stick to spectro.... DUSTIN
  4. hey does ne one have a link to where i can get a scott's oil filter for my rm-z 250?? thanx