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  1. Hey guys! I have a 2012 honda crf 250r , I have race tech suspensions on it, and I have the honda ECU tuning tool, and the moto tassinari, does anyone know if I can use them on a 2014 CRF 250R? Any info will be of huuuge help, thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi guys! a friend of mine just got his hands on a 2012 CRF 250r, perfect condition, like 9 hours on it, already bought a yoshi RS4 full exhaust system, Ive been reading a lot from old posts on re mapping the ECU, but my question is: which is better? Im thinking of buying the moto tassinari intake boot, for starters, and also thinking of getting the ECU tool, still hessitating on buying the one that yoshimura sells , or, the one honda sells, which one is better and more user friendly (easy to understand), and will the intake boot from tassinari give the bike extra power all on its own? or is the ECU tool a MUST??
  3. Hi! Im having serious issues on finding parts for this bike, Im on a budget, by the way the parts I need are the connecting rod , and the piston kit, I want to spend as less as possible but I cant find anything , ProX doesnt make them anymore, just wrote to a guy in holland that works there, and he said Im pretty much screwed, does anybody know where I can find parts in the US? Over here in Guatemala, I cant even find the gaskets!! haha, if anyone knows of a dealership, or a online part page, that actually has em in stock please let me know, because Im litteraly about to torch that bike!!! Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hey guys, I posted this in the Yamaha Forum , and didnt get any replies, my bro bought a brand new 2012 yz 450 on january, on june, it started giving him these issues: coughs, it stalls, the iddling is way off, and now it just dies on him after giving it 3 laps on the track, the dealership sux over here, they have no idea on what the problem is, so if any of you guys could shed light on our lil problem we will be very thankful, Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hey guys, My bro bought a brand spanking new yz 450 at the dealership in my country in january, its been giving him issues since june, the bike stalls, coughs, and sometimes shuts down on iddle , ONLY WHEN ITS WARM, or after a few laps on the track, has anybody had this issue before? the idiots at the dealership dont have a clue on whats wrong with it, could it be the fuel filter?, Can someone please shed some light on my problem please? We are desperate, seriously dont know what to do with the bike. Thanks in advance!!!
  6. mike82

    LTZ400 cylinder head on a DRZ 400 engine

    Oh ok, so theres no absolute way it can be done? are those threads important? do they hold something?
  7. Hi, this is gonna sound a bit stupid, but can it be done? I si t possible to install a 2004 ltz 400 cylinder head on a 2000 drz 400 engine??
  8. Hi, I bought a used crf 250r and the guy told me it was a 2012 model, (and yes it is a used bike, he said it has 9 hours on it) well my question is, how do I know or tell the difference beetween a 2011 and a 2012, since it is pretty much the same bike, I already checked some forums and they told me that on the 10th digit states the year, and I checked with VIN decoders and it says its a 1982 model so I know that there is something wrong with that, and no it doesnt have the little black square on the right of the frame that states its a 2012 model, so can anyone shed a light into this? or someone maybe knows a honda dealer that can answer my question?
  9. mike82

    What have I done wrong?

    Hi, I know its been like 2 months but did you get your bike running like it should??
  10. hey Kenzo, do you happen to have the info on drilling a hole on the compression valve? the shock, I feel is a bit hard, but the thing was that the problem it had before ws that the rebound adjuster could not be moved, and the shock was given to me completely disassembled shaft and clevis included, so I dont know whats wrong because I feel like this shock isnt as plush as it should be, so if you have a tip Ill be very thankful
  11. kenzo, I found another thread from you taking the shim stacks appart, did em stock same position and layout as it comes, but now I put it back together poured the oil in it and I bled it and its haaard as a rock, when I take the air out of the bladder is kinda soft and if you push it it goes down, and it goes up ok, now when you put air in the bladder its stiff I had to compress it with a hydraulic press and it did go down and up freely but I dont know I think I did something wrong, clicks on compression and rebound are all the way out, oil is motul 2.5w shock oil, not fork, could you shed some light on the problem?
  12. kenzo, dude u the man!! great pics, great info, just no picture of the valve on its own, I dont know which side goes up, do you happen to know? its stock, it doesnt have a gold valve
  13. Hi guys, a friend told me about some guy who got screwed with his 650L, the guys shock was leaking oil and some "honda certified mechanic" took it appart, and never put it back together, so my friend told me to help the guy out, first of all let me tell you, at the honda dealership the mechanics dont know jack here in Guatemala let me just clarify that, so nuf said Im gonna take a swing at it, so can someone help me out with the stock shim stack position, and what side goes up or down with the valve, like I told you the shock was completely torn appart, everything was given to me in a ziploc bag, so Im gonna clean it up tonight, Ive put together ktm shocks and a few hondas and yamahas, but Ive started them and finished them, Im sorry its in my nature to fix things up,so If someone can help me out to help this guy hell be very, very happy, thanks guys!!
  14. mike82

    honda crf 250r head on 250x engine?

    Dude, ur the man!!!! at last someone who gives a damn! so you are saying that an 07 R will fit perfectly on an 08X? because if it is ill look for one on ebay
  15. Hi, my brother blew up his 08 crf 250x a valve dropped and it destroyed everything piston, valves, cylinder and cylinder head and connecting rod, well the thing is I got most of the parts already just need to know if has someone ever tried this before because literally I have 2 heads the banged up x and an R and Im staring at them and they look identical, just so you know here in guatemala (not guinea) the X cylinder heads dont have the pollution sensor stock from the factory, the camshaft of an R fits perfectly and it gives the X a little more agressiveness, the head gasket is the same, just a bit sceptical on the actual head, I mean are the intake and exhaust ports the same length, because the R´s head fits perfectly on the 4 studs of the engine, right now in my dealership they dont have a cylinder head for my bike so Im looking to buy one off ebay but the one they sell me is of an 08 crf 250r, so If someone knows about this please let me know, got no reply at the honda forum, Im itching to do this project but I really want to know if this can be done before spending because its noooooot cheap! So thanks again!!!!