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  1. viking50

    12 year old cam chain

    I've had my 2000 WR400F since 2003. I fiqure I have at least 12000 miles of trail riding on it. I consider my bike well maintained. I have the original cam chain still running the original valvetrain. I was warned by a fellow rider one day at the trailhead this fall that I need to replace the cam chain after every 25 hours of riding. I was shocked, I have never heard of this for a WR400F. I have heard that the '03,'04 YZs have had issues but not the WRs. I will be replacing the cam chain before the next ride but I was wondering what everyone else's opinion is about this? How often should I be replacing the chain? It is a very cheap cost to avert a very expensive problem! How often do you replace yours?
  2. viking50

    Bad Gas Mileage - Help!

    You guys think you get bad gas mileage? My son's '03 KTM EXC 300 gets 15 mpg! That's 45 miles out of a 3 gallon tank. Yea, I know it's a 2 stroke. Riding in Michigan, all sand single track. I get 35 mpg out of my 2000 WR400. We have a nickname for the WR's that ride in our group....Exxon Valdeez! Cause the 2 stroke KTM's in our group are always siphoning off of a WR out on long rides!
  3. viking50

    KTM, GasGas and two Quads.

    nice clear vid!
  4. Obviously the company that bought it thinks they can make it profitable. The Silverdome cost $57 million to build in 1975, $580,000 is the deal of a lifetime! Yes, the city of Pontiac said the cost of maintenence is $1.5 million per year. Good management with solid bookings hopefully can cover that! We are hoping all this falls into place! It's all about proper management!
  5. Well if you have not heard the Pontiac Silverdome was sold for a whopping $580,000 last week in an auction to the highest sealed bidder! A Toronto based company won the bid. The city of Pontiac tried to back out of the sale as they had offers just last year for 20 million but dragged their feet on approval. A judge ruled this week that the $580,000 deal stands. Bad for Pontiac, hopefully good for motorcycle fans! All the past plans to tear down the 25 year old facility are flushed! IMO this is good news for any motorcycle fan in southeast Michigan! The company from Toronto that won the bid is an entertainment company. I am hoping that they can/will bring the Supercross back! My family started going to Supercross races at the Silverdome in 2001. When they moved the races to Ford Field in Detroit attendance dropped dramatically! Sadly, no one wanted to go to Detroit to watch. After two years of suffering in Detroit the lack of room for pits was given as the reason for pulling the plug on the Supercross in southeast Michigan. We miss it! Now I am hoping we may actually have a chance to bring racing back to the fans here, I know there are many! April just isn't the same without the Supercross! We have 12-15 friends, family, and riding buddies that make a day of it with lunch before and dinner afterward! Sorry to be longwinded I am just glad we might have a chance at seeing Supercross back in Michigan anyone feel the same? Let's hear from you!
  6. viking50

    WR400 or WR450 for woods

    Many people complain about starting the WR400. I've had a WR400 for 7 years, I guess it's been so long I just am used to starting it, it is really no big deal, one kick when warm! Only a couple more when cold. The 450 is lighter for sure, but the 400 is so reliable. These are the tough choices in life! Ha Ha Good Luck!
  7. viking50

    fuel range on 2003 EXC300?

    I have a new to me 2003 300EXC. The last time I rode this bike I filled the tank with 2.5 gallons of fuel and rode 30 miles of trail in one direction. We stopped for lunch and afterward put 1 gallon of fuel in thinking I could make it back to the truck. Halfway back, I ran out! What are you guys getting in fuel range per tankful? Include your tank size!
  8. viking50

    Best off road motor ever made

    WR400! Who knows if it is easy to work on when you don't have to? Mine is a 2000, I ride with 2 others same year and we never break down. We average 1000 miles of Michigan trail per year. That means 990 miles of knee deep whoops! A couple of us have mentioned that we would actually like to buy new bikes.....but why? Kind of gotta have a reason too. Probably should have not said any of this, because now I'll have jinxed myself!
  9. ok so we all look here for advice when something goes wrong. We have questions on how to fix whats broken, or whats wrong with my bike? Personally, I first came to ThumperTalk in 2003 to learn the free mods for my WR400. But what about the guys whose bikes don't break down or have problems. My WR has never required major work. I'd guess I have over 10000 miles of Michigan trails on mine. Never had either of the engine covers off. Never had to do more than regular maintenence. Lets hear what some of you have to say about your reliable machines! It is really amazing how far dirt bikes have come. My first bike was a 72 Honda SL125 (4 stroke before 4 strokes were cool) What a turd! You had to work on it for at least 4 hours to enjoy a 20 minute ride, and you were always gauranteed to push it home.
  10. viking50

    stupid valve cover!!! 07...

    If it ain't broke..... you were bored?
  11. viking50

    ~04 WR450 high speed jetting issue~

    Call JD Jetting, quick and easy. Tell them what you are experiencing they will get you straight the first time. They are awesome. Don't know what your valves have to do with 3/4 throttle bogs. Its in your jetting.
  12. viking50

    re routing my oil breather pipe on a wr 400

    Mine leaks when riding but never when parked in garage. It is just a vent off the top of the valve cover. It can't leak when bike is not running. Your probably just getting left over oil from when your bike was running. Some guys have rerouted it into the air box. This would be very foolish based on the amount of oil I have seen coming out - a good way to muck up your air filter fast. Try wiping the end of the hose off when you park it. I ride with 4 other wr400s that are all the same.
  13. viking50

    chain slap???? at low RPM

    Wow! Any of you guys try adjusting the chain to the CORRECT tension? Check your owner's manual, 2 inches is too much. 1.5 - 1.7 inches
  14. viking50

    2000 Yamaha WR 400 Jetting Help

    Call JD Jetting at (253)939-7114 or go to jdjetting.com. If you call tell them where you ride (altitude, temp and such) they will hook you up! I have used them on friends 2000 WR400f and a 99! Got it right the first time, both times!
  15. viking50

    300EXC clutch basket issues

    Thanks for your help guys! I dont know what the previous owner did, I know that there is minimal movement in the basket I dont know if it is normal or not everything else is tight! I think I might ask a service tech at a local dealer. I might just throw it all back together and ride it. See if it actually gets worse or not. I haven't owned the bike long enough to know if the noise I am hearing is abnormal. My 17 year old son rides it and he may be mistaken, this is our first KTM. He rode a Kawi KX250F since 2005. The general concensus is that all KTM's have noisy clutches and maybe, hopefully, I am just not used to it. Thanks again!