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  1. My son is 11. We got him his first bike, the PW80, last summer. Hope this helps. Thanks for the reply, my grandson is 13 and I just bought him his first, a DRZ125L.
  2. How old is your son? I'm thinking of going down there with my Grandson.
  3. Sorry to hear about you "incident" hope the healing process goes well. ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time)
  4. Try motorcyclecloseouts.com great prices, great choices
  5. I've broken two Suzuki clutch levers and bent the OEM brake lever. What aftermarket levers are you guys using?
  6. Thumper Racing USA . COM
  7. Reformed??? Do what we did and get a GS ADV along with the DRZ, then you have the best of both worlds.
  8. Good to hear that some things never change...we met at Un1 in Gunnison....I'm the one that started the three idiots post over there. I and the other two Amigos will be heading back out to Colorado to ride the passes around Telluride on our DRZ's, hopefully this summer. We are heading for Copper Canyon in March.
  9. The bigger question is: Do all the woman still want you without the RT?
  10. Do you have to make any modifications to the bike to get the IMS 4.2 tank to fit? I've been trying to find a picture of that tank online, with no success. Do you know where I can look at one?