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  1. mbiker

    04 CRF450 Backfires

    I cant see where your from in your name, is it cold in your area. A little lean on your air screw can create that condidion. You could try turning it out 1/8 or so turn at a time and see if it helps. Check how many turns out it is set at and compare that with what your manual says. Sometimes they come from the factory adjusted differently than what they should be.
  2. mbiker

    What do you do about your calluses?

    I have always just gotten a pumice stone or something similar and filed them down a bit. It's a delicate balance because you definitely want the calluses to prevent blisters. However, if they get to big you can rip off an entire callus leaving a really big blister like thing.
  3. mbiker

    Anything special to look for???

    Make sure to do the typical used bike checks. Twist and shake everything. Since its an 02' you may want to remove the air filter and run your hand inside the air boot. Most people will clean the filter to sell, but many will leave the air boot as it was. You can also take out the plug on the bottom of the carb and check for large amounts of dirt.
  4. mbiker

    Offset Clamps

    If you have a chance ride a bike w/ 20's on it. It really is a huge difference.
  5. I have the "new for 2004" ASV levers on my crf. They are not as round as the stock crf levers, but not as flat and rectangular as the older ASV's. I find them quite comfortable. If you're not stuck on having the exact shape of stock, I'm pretty sure you would adapt to the new ASV's just fine.
  6. mbiker

    Anyone have an extra swingarm

    Mine is dented on the chain side also. I am hoping it will hold up for awhile till I can locate a new one. The track is Rogue Valley MX, in Medford, OR.
  7. After a slight mishap in my race this weekend I am in need of a swingarm. If anyone has an extra (probably not extremely likely) I would be interested. Here is a picture of the aftermath of the collision. http://www.rvmx.com/cgi-bin/view.pl?photo=/06.27.04/x010.jpg&id=
  8. mbiker

    First oil change?????

    Yes, Change it now, Along with the filter and transmission oil. I would still use non-syn in the motor for another hour or so. Use your preference in the transmission.
  9. mbiker

    Triple Clamps

    I have a set I just removed from my 04' crf 450. Top and bottom clamps w/ bar mounts. I took the steering stem out to use on my new clamps. Let me know if you are interested and we can work something out. -M
  10. mbiker

    Need welding on titanium Bracket ????

    You didn't say where you are from so I cant help with a local welder. Start by calling around to see if anyone near you welds titanium. A skilled welder with the right welding rods, and the ability to remove the oxygen in the local area, can weld your pipe. I found a local welder when I had a similar problem, had never welded titanium, but was ambitious and learned how.
  11. mbiker

    service honda ?

    Has anyone ever ordered a replacement seat cover for their bike from SH. I ordered one for my 04' and when it arrived it didn't have HONDA printed on the sides. Just wondering if this is normal or if the just forgot to print it. thanks, -M
  12. mbiker

    CRF clutch perch

    I've got one in excellent shape. How much you lookin to spend? What can you get one from SH for?
  13. mbiker

    Fastway evolution footpegs - reliable?

    I've had mine on for about 6 months. I took a really bad high speed slide on the left one and it came out with no damage. It did bend the mount on the bike which had to be replaced. The impact was bad enough that it would have mangled a stock peg. So their pretty tough.
  14. mbiker

    T.M. Design chain guide

    I am thinking of getting one of these chain guides for my bike. I think I remember reading on here that they dont just bolt on to an 04'. Anyone using one of these or know for sure if they will fit an 04 with no modification. Thanks -M http://www.tmdesignworks.com/xcart/customer/home.php?cat=283
  15. mbiker

    Flatland Racing

    I was on the phone to flatland this morning to order a set of radiator guards and they told me they have a redesigned version that is now available for the 04. Said it was supposed to fit under the shrouds a little nicer. So, I have a set on the way of course, and am looking forward to trying them out. Just a little FYI in case anyone was undecided about getting some guards, this may help make your decision a little easier.