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  1. upp
  2. UP
  3. as fast as i can get it to go
  4. I wanna make my bike be able to go alot faster(its a ttr125le) i dont have really ne aftermarket products other than new bars grips and lights, i kno that im saving up for a blue bbr pipe, but is there ne thing else i can do???? thnx if yall reply
  5. i have 909's and they are easy to put on and i didnt need ne thing extra
  6. sometimes when i fall on my left side, the throttle acts up, so i adjust it very slightly to find the best spot, and yet if that doesnt work i put oil on it and it works fine, it could also be the size of ur bars, cuz i have renthals and when i first put them on evrything was messd up, like when i turned the bars to the left, the clutch would be pulled in and the throttle would go up, so i just kept readjusting and it eventually worked, hope this helps
  7. age

    im 15, but only 5'3 125lbs, im hoping to get some good stuff for my bike, but i gotta save up for it all, then hopfuly ill be able to get a better top end , cuz 60 just isnt havin it for me
  8. can anyone show me a website or a store(in NJ or NY) that sells blue bbr exhast and chainguard and the silver skidplate, i dont really like that gold stuff, but if no 1 replies, ill have to settle for it
  9. i have acerbis dhh on mine, and if u have a choice get those, they are really bright and good for riding in the woods, but i have a le, so i just hooked it up to the battery and i have a plug which i unplug after riding so it doesnt drain my battery, heres a link that i found to install a headlight on a 125l HEADLIGHT
  10. yea dude, i have a 125le and my neighbor has a 250 w/ a pro circuit pipe, and ive riden his and also my friends 225, and the 225 sux compared to the 250, def go for the 250 as a xmas present for urself
  11. BBR

    thnx i got it working now, so i can do some night rides too, but i think the t-4 exhaust is the way for me to go, ne more pipe suggestions? UP
  12. def, get rid of that gold "bling bling" sh*t. its reall ugly, unless ur a ganster rapper and u want to make ur bike like the cadillac escalade, then get special blue orders, dont make the blue hard to get, make that the asiest to buy
  13. if u let them sit for 4-5 days or more thats might be the problem, i let mine sit for a week and it was hard to start, everyday i just start them and ride around my yard just to get the battery charged, but other than that ive had no problems
  14. BBR

  15. BBR

    MY HEADLIGHT GOT HERE, AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO PUT IT ON, I NEED HELP WITH THAT!, thanx P.S. i think the bling bling is awesome on the bbr, but that is just my opinion