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  1. ...i think you are right. He's gonna pull it back off and bite the bullet. Thanks Eric
  2. It is quite a bit different acutally...
  3. Yeah it is the 2-stroke. He works at a bike shop and his cost was cheap on it, he was hoping it would work. The thing runs great full throttle, but like i said, it doesn't run right at 1/4 throttle. What kind of worms have we gotten into here... Eric
  4. My buddy installed a Keihin 39mm flatslide from a rm250 into his drz400. The engine is stock and he has a full fmf system. sea level altitude and typical california temps. What do you think the correct jetting would be for this setup? Right now, the thing runs great at wot, but it's really rich at idle and up to 1/4, it misses pretty bad. Would the slow air jet and clip position help affect that throttle range? Thanks for the help... Eric
  5. oh, ok. I see now that that would work. Thanks for the info! Can you get around that by getting a different caliper?(not that it's a big deal anyway...)
  6. I bought a used oversized motomaster rotor and adapter bracket. Tried to put the caliper on after mounting my 17"'s and it wouldn't fit. Am I doing something wrong, or do I need a different caliper? Thanks Eric
  7. great. Thanks for the info. I'll pass it along! Eric
  8. Have a quick question I'm trying to answer for a friend: can you use rm forks with a stock drz style hub?
  9. The DRZ is a Suzuki. I'm pretty sure the front is a 15t. Good question on the links, I don't know. All I know is that the chain is stock.
  10. I'm thinking about running my 40t sprocket with my motard setup. If I do this, will I have to take links out of the chain, or will I be able to use the adjusters enough to make it right? Thanks Eric
  11. \qadsan, How do you like your bars? My buddy designed those. I have yet to use them yet. Also, how would you rate the touratech/gps v combo. I have a gps v, but don't have a mount yet. I'm leaning toward the touratech... Eric
  12. I'm finalizing converting my drz400 to motard. Just wondering if anyone knows of any sm based sites or forums. Thanks Eric
  13. where do you guys go for the best deal? I'm just looking for the 17" excel rim. Thanks Eric
  14. I think maybe your smaller sm tires and wheels might play into your height difference a little bit also.
  15. over here... CHM muffler