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  1. Do they make yoga block small enough to put under my rocker arms? If fork springs get worn out from transporting the bike, imagine what is going on with those poor valve springs.
  2. Bondo

    Moto van

    Personally, I'd stick with a chevy. 2500 express vans have a great heavy duty drivetrain to tow campers but if you are just hauling bikes in the van a 1500 will do fine. My 1500 express with 5.3L gets 19-21 mpg on the highway loaded with bikes and camping gear. Plenty of power to spare. Ford or chevy ought to get great reliability. Just look for something that was well maintained and not abused.
  3. Great stuff if you can find it. It dissolves quickly in gas, unlike most of the other brands. Take the engine apart and EVERYTHING is coated with the red oil... also unlike other brands.
  4. Bondo

    Moto Van on the cheap

    Your van looks great! How did you attach the wheel chock to the floor? Looks like the gas tank is right under that spot.
  5. Bondo

    Ford Transit Van for US?

    Ford website says: Transit Connect Dirt bikes are 7ft long.... hmmmm.
  6. The rear wheel on a tailgate will not cause any problems. Keep in mind the entire bed on the newer Tacoma is plastic. The tacoma 4.0L V6 gets nearly the same mileage as the V8 tundras so little is saved with the smaller truck. The 4cyl returns pretty good mileage and tows surprisingly well. check out tundrasolutions dot com
  7. Bondo

    Toy Hauler Ratings

    4 friends have 5th wheel toy haulers. Tons of fun once they are sorted out. Just realize that these things are a kit... the manufacturer gives you the shell and you basically have to finish building it. Glue and screw where they missed, finish the plumbing, in one case even move and re-weld the axle perches. American labor / quality control at it's best
  8. Bondo

    thinking of down grading

    de-tune the CR250R.... wise man say, "easier to take-ith power away than to add more later"
  9. Bondo

    Vans, Vans, Vans!!!!!

    Sprinters great but just plain too much money on top of the price of diesel and sprinter parts. Ford or chevy full size vans are nice but I've watched guys load dirt bikes into them while bashing knuckles and denting ceilings. I imagine an astro van would be even more difficult. Is either the ford or chevy full size easier to load? or is loading easier than I think?
  10. The media would like you to believe that.... 12,000 miles per year @ 20 mpg @ $3.00/gal = $1800/yr or $150/month 12,000 miles per year @ 20 mpg @ $4.00/gal = $2400/yr or $200/month With the way some people spend $$, finding a way to save an extra $50/month shouldn't be too hard. (oh, add a few bucks for the price of milk, etc) And as far as the motorhome... bring some friends! 400 mile round trip is 40 gallons @ 10mpg or $200 @ $5/gal 400 mile round trip is 40 gallons @ 10mpg or $160 @ $4/gal That's an extra $10 a head if 3 buddies kick-in for fuel.... or an extra $40 if you fly solo.
  11. Bondo

    Durty Dabbers DualSport

    Thank you! .... and we'll be packing our scuba gear, just in case.
  12. Bondo

    Durty Dabbers DualSport

    That's exactly my point with the 2 track roads. Every idiot who can twist a throttle in a straight line will be flying. Gotta keep the speeds down by throwing people over some nice single track or tough trail
  13. Bondo

    Durty Dabbers DualSport

    Thanks! Sadistic hillclimbs made of slime covered broken up sidewalks are fun but they have a tendency to break parts on my bike. still, I prefer technical trials to putt-putting on 90 mph rocky 2-track. We're doing this one for the c-riders in our group. The NH Classic would be too tough for them. Would you happen to know what the mileage between gas stops will be? More with the hero sections? and is the start really 11am on Saturday?
  14. Bondo

    Durty Dabbers DualSport

    The flyer says, "100 miles of bad road".... so I'm picturing a bunch of super high speed 2 track. Maybe a few hero sections? How is this one is compared to the NH Classic? Anyone know what the mileage will be at the gas stops? A couple guys in our group are running 2 smokes.
  15. Bondo

    tundra all the way

    EPA Ratings changed in 2008. All vehicle's ratings have dropped a few mpg and are now more "realistic". see here My buddy gets 21mpg hwy in his 3500 duramax (non-dualie) + 11-13 mpg towing a 13,500 lb triple axle trailer.