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  1. Whats weird is there was no gap between the AP se srew and the AP link lever on my stock 250x. So all I did was attach the rubber o-ring. Is it more the closing of the gap that adds the responsiveness or the o-ring?
  2. I had already got the JD Kit, already drilled the exhuast, was in the process of opening up the airbox, and saw that there was something else called an AP mod. Can't wait to start the bike after I'm done.
  3. What is the AP mod?
  4. How do I gain access to the carb to modify / remove / install new jets? The owner's manual goes over complete disassembly but I'm not sure if thats necessary.
  5. I clipped the wires going to the ignition (red, black, black-white, and green) but I clipped the red and the black together, and I heard a spark when I did it. I wouldn't think this could cause any problems, because the two are supposed to be connected anyway. When I try connecting the black and the red the bike does not start. Do I need to connect the green/black-white to something?
  6. I lost both of my keys for the ignition. I called the dealer and they told me to take off the ignition and take to someone to make a new key. I popped the ignition out of the plastic, but I don't know how to disconnect it from the cable.
  7. How do I do it? I popped it out of the plastic holding it, but I'm not sure how to disconnect it.. Thanks for any help.
  8. Where's the best place to buy a BBR exhaust for the 230 online?