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  1. MtnMan

    good place for sprocket purchase?

    http://www.sprocketspecialists.com/html/main.shtml Best place to shop........can get you whatever you need MtnMan
  2. MtnMan

    Deathwings question

    The 270's are prefect for 50/50 riding, I love my pair. I just switched to the Kinda Track Master 2 because I want to be able to hook up better in Sand and mud, (20% road) But for Dirt roads and highway the 270 worked great. with the Track Master II, I know I'm sacrificing what I can do on the road, but I made my choice, I would rather have better off road ability. And since I got my Yama FJR, I can use that for when I feel like do'in the highway thang!! Whatever you do, where ever you go, don't forget, if your having fun that's all that matters!! MtnMan
  3. MtnMan

    DRZ400S handguard advice?

    Moose raceing Rocks.........the only way to go, indestructible. http://www.mooseracing.com/index_FLASH.jsp mtnman
  4. MtnMan


    If any one is interested here is the Part number and price of the 48 tooth Sprocket from sprocket specialists. (The part number is 452-48 and it sells for $47.99.)
  5. MtnMan

    Oil change problem???

    Yuper you missed the 2nd drain plug! one is under the glide plate 14mm the 2nd is in front just under where the exhaust pipe turns, you will see a small indent in the glide plate that one is 12mm! Enjoy......... MtnMan
  6. If you want to stay Stock size it would be 450X18 for the rear. (=120X18) I liked my 270 for a dual sport tire, worked great. FYI. Enjoy ............MtnMan
  7. MtnMan

    Need a new Battery

    If the battery don't say this>Don't buy it!!!!!!! > (1. We sell Maintenance Free Batteries Only. These batteries are also known as Gel Cell, AGM, Non-Spillable, Dry Cell or Sealed Valve Regulated. All batteries arrive at your door charged and ready to install.) Make sure you know what your paying for! Money is nothing, When buying Nothing!!! Enjoy.......MtnMan
  8. MtnMan

    Need a new Battery

    Try this place they have had good prices in the past. http://www.batterystuff.com/batterySearch.php MtnMan
  9. MtnMan

    what tires

    Kenda 270 work great for both off and on road. Pro's- cheap, work well both on and off road. cons-cheap lol. really though I've had both Kenda 270's and the Pirelli MT 21's. The 21's have a bit more of an aggressive pattern, where the 270's are a bit more streety! they both gave me about the same miles. If your going to ride on the road more then 50% of the time I would save my money and get the Kenda's, there good and ya don't go broke buy'in em. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/departmentC.aspx?department=647&division=6&Manufacturer=226&Class=283 check out this link for prices. Enjoy MtnMan
  10. MtnMan

    15/48 gearing

    Thank ya'll for your input. Like I said I don't want to mess with the cp, only wanted to know if the 48 would fit with the stock chain. I know 14/47 would be better for specific applications, however I'm not interested in the perfect off road bike, I'm looking for a dual sport with just a bit more low end. 15/47 works well for me most of the time, however I think with 15/48 it would still work well on the road, and give me the low end I need for steep mountain cross terrain type riding. Thanks again. (**If I'm not riding my DRZ, It's because I'm burning up the highway on my FJR**) MtnMan
  11. MtnMan

    15/48 gearing

    I'm currently using 15/47 on my 01 S, Works pretty well for 50/50. However I'm thinking about 15/48 just for a little extra on the low end, without having to mess with the front sprocket. Anyone ever try this set up. If so is 112 link enough? Thanks so much. Have a great day. MtnMan
  12. MtnMan

    Sprocket recommendation 15x47 or 14x44?

    I'm currently using 15/47 on my 01 S, Works pretty well for 50/50. However I'm thinking about 15/48 just for a little extra on the low end, without having to mess with the front sprocket. Anyone ever try this set up. If so is 112 links enough? Thanks so much. Have a great day. MtnMan
  13. MtnMan

    On/Off light switch for DRZ400S

    Kewl, I'm gonna have to get me one of those! I need it for riding on private properity...smile thanks for the info..
  14. MtnMan

    Sprocket question on an S

    well. like I said I was curious why is all. I'm still learning and just wanted to know. I don't live in a big city area I live in the foot hills so I guess I don't know anything about freeway travel but it sounds like high gearing would come in handy, For the type of riding I do the 15/47 works perfect, when I do ride for 30 miles or so on the open road I run at about 65-70 it seems to be fairly smooth there, what do you guys think I'm I missing it or does that seem ok? 70% of my riding is mountain type roads lots of curves that kinda thing.(when I'm not on the dirt that is)
  15. MtnMan

    Sprocket question on an S

    I'm just curious, but why would someone want to go to a 40 sprocket. Because I can run at speeds of 80 plus 47/15 and with the stock 44/15 I could run 80 85 all day! but with the 47/15 I can cruz at 70 easy without pushing it, it's very smooth. anyway I was just curious why?