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  1. Just ordered the Y pipe & tune up kit (almost 400.00 bucks US). I was wondering how much of a difference in performance from the stock pipe??? 2002 Duke II Mods Done: racing airbox cover rear cans reworked & opened up to the same internal demsions as the Akripovics Carb rejetted...167.5 main - 1.1 airpilot - 47.5 pilot Babo
  2. I have no plans to do any dyno runs on my mod, because Akropovic and Staytuned already have. There's no rocket science here because I just copied their internal dimensions, perforated holes ect and fitted them into the stock Duke cans. I am not in the custom exhaust business and have no plans to be in it later. I do have good fabrication skills & tools and a fair amount of experience with motorcycle exhaust systems. I do think that a $1000.00 US is a bit to much for 2 custom exhaust cans and the power difference between the hi-end systems and my mod are minimunal (I have performed this test). For those who do not have the tools or skills I have offered another option to increase the performance of their Duke's at 1/3rd the cost of the aftermarket systems. For those who have the tools & skills I offer the parts only at 1/6th the cost. I have done this mod to my 02 Duke and I am very impressed at the increased performance sound.
  3. Last week I made a post letting everybody on the list know that I could do a mod on the stock Duke II cans and they would be as good as the $1000.00 Akripovics or Staytuned cans. I posted that I could do this mod for $ 300.00 US. I still can but for you gifted fabricators out there that wish to do your own mod I can make it a little easier for you by suppling you the internal parts needed for this mod for $ 175.00 + shipping. 2ea 2" X 21 Perforated Tubes 2ea 1-7/8" Tube Spacers 24ea SS Button Head Screws 24ea SS # 10 Washers 24ea 10-32 Nut Plates 50+ Nut Plate Rivets I have some pics of this mod I can email out per your request Email me at tbarnes08@sbcglobal.net Babo
  4. I did a lot of homework, made the fixtures, sourced all the parts & tools needed to convert the stock Cans into as good as the aftermarket Akripovics or Staytuned Cans that cost $800.00 - $1,000.00 US. The cans look just as they did stock except when you look at the end caps you see a 2" inner perforated core instead of the 3/4" baffle tube. The sound & performance is the same as Akripovics or Staytuned systems. The stainless steel blind rivets are replaced with stainless steel 10-32 Button head screws and both front and rear end caps are nutplated and so repacking the cans only requires an Allen wrench. I can do a set of stock cans in a two day turn around for $300.00. I have pics of this mod if anyone is interested getting their cans reworked. Merry Christmas Babo
  5. Is there anyone on the list that has made a pipe mod for the Duke II rear cans?? I just can't swing the Akripovic pipes just yet. My Duke needs to breath. Living in California my bike came new jetted lean and the pipes are so plugged up (for the noise) it just barely ran. I have removed the carbon canister, re jetted, regeared, changed the airbox cover and would be happy with making the pipe mod.
  6. :cheers:This is a seasoned riders dream fun bike, KTM did there home work. There is no bike made that can be more fun to ride than a Duke II. In the twisties or around the town this bike rules. I own a 02 Duke with a few mods done to it, give it some cool air and a twisty road and it will sing Austrian love songs to you the whole ride. JNR's post is accurate on the pro's & con's so all I can say is when you go riding on your Duke you will be special....especially around all the Honda, Yamaha & Suzuki guys