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  1. yeti1

    Dynojet and free mod's (KLX 300)

    yes i purchased the header and muffler. it does not have a heat shield but it wraps in tight enough inside the frame that i haven't had any problems with getting scorched.
  2. yeti1

    Dynojet and free mod's (KLX 300)

    i added a dynojet kit w/free mods to 04 ca model. it now starts even easier than before and does not take forever to run smoothly during warm up (mine was way too lean w/ca needle and pilot screw setting). i have been able to ride this winter during some really cold days and it still starts easily. i added a muzzy pipe after these initial mods and the bike now runs even better, has more power and is quieter than stock system w/o ehhaust plug.
  3. yeti1

    women's chest protector

    thanks for the advice. she is only 5'2" so she will likely have to cut some off the back as you did. somehow we could not find one previously but did locate one with the brand info :thumbsup:thx....cj
  4. i have been trying to find a women's chest protector for my girlfriend. does anyone know where to find one? she has been using a mens a friend gave to me but it fits poorly. thx...cj
  5. yeti1

    Muzzy Exhaust System for KLX300R

    i purchased one about a month ago. used with dynojet kit and airbox lid removal at the same time. exhaust fits perfectly and is not too obnoxious w/the silencer and spark arrester. compared w/standard system it as about 4-5 lbs lighter and headpipe steps out quite a bit compared w/the standard pipe which is one diameter. these mods made a huge difference in the power, throttle response and the overall fun factor w/my bike which suffered from lack of power and poor performance when letting off the throttle. could not compare w/other systems but did make a big difference over dynojet kit w/my standard system w/buttplug removed (and is quieter) .
  6. yeti1

    larger gas tank

    thanks for the pics. somehow did not find the acerbis tank when i was looking for tanks on the net. looks like just what i need for longer rides. i am headed to phx to pick it up today. ...........cj
  7. yeti1

    larger gas tank

    yes i would be interested in buying it. is it the tank that fits the klx300r? if so let me know how to get ahold of you by private message. i am up in flagstaff and could pick it up....cj
  8. yeti1

    larger gas tank

    does anybody know of an aftermarket tank that fits the klx with a higher capacity? was hoping to get more range for long backcountry excursions. also thanks for the feedback on the dynojet kit and aftermarket exhausts. put in the kit and a muzzy exhaust system and it made a huge difference! plenty of power at even this high of an altitude (7000ft)
  9. yeti1

    big gun exhaust

    i have been looking at other options since it sounds like the big gun system may be a bit loud and found a link to muzzy exhaust which claims to have a 93 db system on this site. any feedback on the performance of this system? looks fairly light also.
  10. yeti1

    big gun exhaust

    has anybody tried a big gun exhaust and headpipe on their klx? thumper racing recommended this system and said it wasn't too loud but the review on planetklx indicated that the big gun system was obnoxiously loud. i am curious as to the loudness and power increase. thanks....cj
  11. thanks for the info. it will be nice to have all of the parts on hand once i tear into the carb. hopefully this kit helps get rid of the low-mid range throttle lag that the bike seems to have now.
  12. does installation of the dynojet kit require replacement of the needle valve jet and purchasing a needle collar on the california model? kawasaki parts list shows a different needle jet for this model. the dynojet kit description indicates a stock needle collar is to be used and the kawasaki parts list looks as though this collar is not used with the needle on this model either. does anyone know if these parts are needed for installation?