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  1. As long as I'm in town, I'll definately try to hit up this ride. Is it going to be posted in this thread or elsewhere on the board? Hopefully I can make it and ride with some great people again.
  2. I was going to sell it mostly to pay off all my debts, but couldn't stand the thought of not riding for months. And I've since paid off debts and the bike looks better than ever. Where exactly does that road to Tahoe take off from and where does it come out at?
  3. This was just the type of riding I'm looking for. I try to ride every weekend, so anyone hit me up and we can go dual sporting up wherever. I know of places off Mosquito Ridge and Wentworth Springs Rd, but have never gone off the roads also, where there's roads off HWY88. I have a KLR650 that's got knobbies, but I try to stick to the street for the most part. I'm in Carmicheal(Sac). Cisco, I'll be looking for your ride. I may just try it myself... is the route tricky or pretty straight forward? -Brandon
  4. LaserB

    So long guys

    Yep, shorts, and thin ones at that. This was the first time I've ridden with shorts on. I always wear at least pants along with the rest of gear. I was working and just had to go about 5 miles so I just left without pants. I didn't have riding pants tho, and nothing less than riding pants would've helped. Dirt bikes are just toys, there's no practicality to them for me. A streetbike is. Take it easy, guys.
  5. LaserB

    So long guys

    Well, it happened. I went down. 6 months after I started riding. When I replaced my front tire, I never got it fully balanced. So Monday afternoon as I was following my friend on the freeway(80eastbound) I had a wobble at 70mph. The wobble got bad really fast and there was nothing I could do, I was stuck in the middle lane. I went down sliding on my stomach feet first. My helmet bounced off the concrete saving my face and my mesh jacket saved my arms and chest. My gloves saved my hands as well. Unfortunately I was wearing shorts, so my right knee has bad road rash and my thighs are scraped as well. I was so lucky the van behind me stopped in time. I walked away with minor injuries considering the accident. When I get back from Spring Break next week I'm gonna get the wheels balanced and fix the tiny bit of damage the bike took and sell it. I am not giving up on riding, but I will be getting a more street worthy bike. I'm looking forward to start riding again in a couple weeks, but I'm just happy to be alive. It's been fun riding with you guys. Bob, thanks for all the rides in your truck and on the trails, as well as your MacGyver skills fixing my bike. Bill, thanks for showing me around Foresthill that one time. Crashlanding, it was nice meeting you at MBar. And everyone else that I've ridden with, thanks for the advice and for helping me out. Always wear your gear and keep it rubber side DOWN.
  6. LaserB

    Foresthill - Saturday 3-13

    Hope you guys had fun today and didn't have a similar bike problem like me yesterday. I didn't get over to my friends house to weld that peg back on and I didn't get home until 11AM this morning, then I slept in til 3. Such a beautiful day, I just had to spend it sleeping. I hope someone got pics.
  7. I would go whenever the conditions allow. I've never been on a DS ride and I'd like to do it before selling my KLR for a sportbike. If there are any planned upcoming DS rides, I'd be happy to join.
  8. It was beautiful up there. We did loop 3 and maybe 2/3 thru it, I stalled the bike going up over some rocks and bent the hell out of my new homemade radiator guard. No damage at all to the bike. That fall also broke the weld on my left footpeg and that was the end of my day. They were going to trail 2 when I left. Maybe I'll see some of you up at Foresthill tomorrow. Just tell your bosses you have to go dirtbiking...and if they don't understand, have them call me.
  9. LaserB

    The best dual sport.

    Kawasaki KLR650, of course .
  10. Loop 3!!! Unless others are new to riding. Actually, what we did that one day was loop 2. Loop one is long and goes around the whole place and has hard sections. I heard from Slyko and a guy at my work that the water crossing is a beast. Let's warm up on 3, then hit the Bald Mtn side, I've never been over there. I just gone done getting my bike all ready to go... after watching the Kings show the Mavs how to play high scoring basketball. See y'all tomorrow. Just look for a multicolor KLR coming north on 49 from Salmon Falls Rd.
  11. For those that don't know Bodie is an old ghost town in Eastern California a ways south of Tahoe that has a ton of buildings still standing. What would make it a fun dual sport trip is there's dirt roads that go out the back of the park to other ghost towns and stuff. I'm just throwing out an idea for a dual sport trip.
  12. I might join in on that... maybe. I've just got work tomorrow afternoon, but I might be able to just go in the morning or call in sick or something. I got my radiator guard all built and put on and am dying to ride. I'll probably meet you guys up there at that intersection.
  13. LaserB

    Foresthill - Saturday 3-13

    Got my radiator guard all welded up and ready for paint tomorrow. The guy at my work with the KTM said he and a buddy were going to go to MBar Sat, but I told him it's closed Saturdays and so he might meet us up there late morning. My bike should be pretty much bulletproof now. I'll see what I'm doing Friday night to determine when I want to wake up and ride up there. 8AM sounds like a fun time to start... early morning is my favorite time of day, but I can never wake up .
  14. LaserB

    Foresthill - Saturday 3-13

    That sounds good to me. I'm dying to get out and ride again. If I can get a radiator guard built tomorrow night, then I'm definately going this weekend. I was talking to a guy at work today who has a sport bike and a dirtbike and he said he'd want to join us. He's in his 40's I'd guess. Cool guy and he rides a KTM 500. I'll let him know tomorrow about FH Sat and GT Sun and see if he can go. I'll probably hold off on painting the bike until after this weekend, but I must say my bike looks completely different now. I'll know for sure Wed. night if I can go this weekend.
  15. LaserB

    It's Georgetown / Rock Creek OHV - Sat 3/6

    Might want to call the Ranger Station for GT before you go. I went by there today and all of the trails posted on the board by the Ranger Station were closed. Also, at the turnoff to go to the staging areas it said something about closed to OHV on a sign. Just a heads up...this could just be nothing .