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  1. Can anyone tell me who has the best deal on a pipe and silencer for my KX250F? Thanks
  2. I removed mine and I get a slightly stronger lower end.
  3. Anyone know where to buy one? Scott
  4. Are you talking about the constant high pitch sound that you hear when you are accelerating? If so thats just a normal sound of a high compression four stroke. My sons 03 YZF450 make the same sound. Just ride it hard and dont worry about it.
  5. Uh. It was very slick.
  6. KABOOM !
  7. Mine seems to pop more in cold weather and also before it has had a chance to warm up. But has never been a problem. I have had mine since Oct. Never had any power loss either.
  8. Check out my KX250F Flyin high over one of our table tops.
  9. It happened to me last saturday night in an indoor race. I stalled over a double just before the checkered flag. I went from 4th place to ???? It took at least 10 kicks to refire the bike and I did finally have to put it in neutral. It sucked big time.
  10. The counter shaft sprocket is what I want. Racing an indoor series and want to go to a smaller sprocket. I thought that the wheel sprocket would be the same as any 03. Thanks for the confirmation.
  11. Where are you getting your oil filters. My local shop cant seem to score any.
  12. Anyone know who is making sprockets for the KX250F ?
  13. Anyone know who is making sprockets for the kx250f ?