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  1. I have a riding partner that bought a TC 450 this spring and he finds the suspension really hard was wondering if someone could offer sugestions on how to soften it up for aggressive trail riding. Thanx
  2. I went to MX-TECH's website with the intention of purchasing some shims for my XR650R shock valve and realized that I needed to know the shim I.D. size. Can anyone tell me what the I.D. size of the shims are?
  3. nastcat

    Ya Gotta Love Michigan

    HeidiB said Scott talking to Tom. We also were waiting to see what to do because the direction we wanted to go is where the gun shots were being fired. I'm not sure where you are at in this picture. It looks like you are over in the Emery road, Woods road area. I would bet you were hearing the hunters sighting in their rifles at the gravel pit. This is a good spot for them to do this as it allows them to shoot into the pit and the large piles of dirt, so no stray bullets to worry about. If you had given Bonnie a call and it would have given us just enough of an excuse to ride Sunday. Saturday was a great day for riding, to bad we had party to go to. Since you have ridden both Luzerne and our area which do you figure has more sand or are they about the same. Bonnie and I both noticed the trail had experienced some heavy traffic since we were on them the weekend before. I see you and Scott were over to the trail head just off of I-75. So you made it North of M-55/M-76, but did you cross and ride any of the trails to the west of F-97? Where did you guys park? Bonnie has talked about putting together a Camp and ride this early summer and there is a really nice spot real close to the outside loop (the area with the water holes with the little tracks that go around them) that would accommodate pretty much as many as wanted to attend. This area is just off the trail.
  4. nastcat

    Someone Tell Me I'm Not Making A HUGE Mistake!

    I have yet to see a "03" 250f go for less than two grand anywhere in the country, but three grand seems a little high. I've checked ebay, Craigslist, and here on thumpertalk in the classifeds and the cheapest I seen them go for is once at $2,200.00. I know you can get the 250 2smokes for around $1800. Check out ebay: Item number: 140175867303 it is in Wewoka, Oklahoma. I don't know how close that is to you.
  5. nastcat

    End of Season Ride Report for 11-03-07

    First, the bike is a 2005 kx250f with Suzuki plastic on it. Don't ask, I'm not sure why, I bought it that way. No, it is my bike, Doug just usually rides it. It is an unofficial scramble hill back behind the area where we park and stage from. There used to be one a little closer to the staging area that was always called the BOWL. They shut the BOWL down and have left the hill alone. I had been riding these two spots since High School, but alas nobody is allowed in the bowl anymore. Of the two I would much rather have the BOWL. Troy
  6. nastcat

    End Of Season Michigan Ride 11/3-11/4

    The only reason you are ever waiting for me is, because I'm hanging back so I don't run over you!
  7. nastcat

    Merry Christmas to me...

    Bonnie and I joined back in 2003, when we had the XTs. I had an XT350 and Bonnie had an XT225. Since then we went to dirt or street, hopefully we will be back into the dual sport this coming season. We have never been on a ride with the club, always working on bikes or at my job. We went and did trail maintenance with them once and have been to a few meetings. My take on the CCC issue is that the main problem came when GLDS wanted to hold a few AMA dual sport rides. But personally I beleive that the Executive Director and some members of the Board of Goveners felt threaten that Jeremy started his own mapping business. I think they feel that he should have continued to donate his time to the CCC. I know Jeremy left all the the CCC map information when he started his business.
  8. nastcat

    Merry Christmas to me...

    If I'm not mistaken YamaMama an DS Freak are both members of GLDS (Great Lakes Dual Sporters) Club. They have a web site where you can get more information about the club. Bonnie and I belong and they are a great bunch of people. Jeremy our fearless leader is incredible in the amount of time he spends mapping and setting up rides. Definately worth checking out. I can't say enough about the selfless dedication that some of these members have. I'm not including myself, I don't have nearly enough time to compare with the amount of work some of these members put in. Yet they have all ways treated me the same as any of the other members.
  9. That must be Adios My Friends:smirk:
  10. nastcat

    Merry Christmas to me...

    NUN please tell me that your SO is going to get a TE 510. I have been wanting one of these bikes for a couple of years and just can't seem to talk myself out of my XR650R. I purchased a "05" kx250f last year and the flickability is great and it soaks up the whoops better that the XR but I'm addicted to that shoulder popping torque. Anyway the Te 250 has made the short list for Bonnie's next bike. She has stated she doesn't like the 2-strokes and she wants full size tires. The short list as it stands is WR250F, TTR250, CRF230L, TE250 ( so it would match mine new TE510), and the bike I believe would be the best for her SCORPA T-Ride. I have a few questions for you about your bike. First, do you plan on lowering it? If so I would be very interested in what you do and how it works out. Bonnie learned to ride on a XT225 and one of the reasons she enjoys her XR200R so much is she can pick it up if she drops it. Second, does the weight of your bike, ready to ride, feel to heavy for you to pick off the ground? Third, Why did you go with the "07" instead of the fuel injected "08", I mean besides the obvious price. Finally fourth, was there any TE 510s where you got you bike at a really good deal?
  11. nastcat

    Michigan Ride 10/19-20-21

    I compared my CCC map to the State map you are using and didn't see much difference between them. If I get time I'll see if I can send you a copy of that page. Are you riding on Friday and if so at what time will you being leaving?
  12. nastcat

    Michigan Ride 10/19-20-21

    iroc8210 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC had expensive boots on closeout also. I seen a pair of $400.00 boots at a $100 off. I don't believe their stuff will last till spring in fact it has been going pretty fast. But I know what you mean the only two times I've seen good deals on mx gear is just before the season starts or at the end of the season. I think you misunderstood it was our daughter-in-law so that means she is married to our son, which he is 32 so I think that would put her in her late 20's. I won't be able to go as I will be working this weekend. We live in the area so driving to Ma Deeters or the ORV parking area would be easy from our house. I'll let my wife know and see if she is interested.
  13. nastcat

    where to buy land in michigan

    kalabula There is three pieces of property in my area that meet your criteria. They are in a nice deer hunting area, they border state land, they border the ORV trail system,they are fairly close to I-75, and they are in the West Branch/St. Helen area. I have no idea of the price but they are on a seasonal road so they are more recreational property and I don't know if electricity is availible, in fact I rather doubt it.
  14. nastcat

    Michigan Ride 10/19-20-21

    iroc8210 Check out the closeouts at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC they had several nice boots. My buddy picked up some Thor Quadrants for $105.00 they also had Oxtar Raptor Boots for $69.99 and a few others for under a hundred bucks. By the way I probably missed it but where are you planning on leaving from? What time are you planning on leaving? Is this a girls only ride? I think my wife, her sister-in-law, and maybe our daughter-in-law might be interested in going one of the days. We live in the West Branch area and have eaten at Ma Deeters this winter while snowmobiling. They have really good food.
  15. I think you can break down quad riders into two groups. First, the young and foolish who seem to cause the extreme amount off difficulty for most trail riders. Second, mature ( read, mostly old and mostly retired ) riders who I welcome and go out of my way to make feel comfortable riding our wonderful trail system here in Michigan. My feeling is that one grandmother calling her Congressman twice a week will get more done for our trails and sport than a thousand twenty-something dirt riders complaining about in at the local bar.