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  1. Hi, I am trying to find the best manual for KTM.I am quite familiar with all these machines but still consider having a good manual az a MUST! could you tell me some place to buy such a manual? Thanks
  2. Vlad

    KTM 520 EXC questions

    Thanks!!! I had a few XTZ660. one XT600 but now I am trying to find something more light and scary than Yamaha's. How about a steering stabilizer-is it useful or it's just an expensive stuff ???...I have been an off-road rider from almost 10 years and just a few times I wasn't able to cope with the steering of the bike Thanks again!!!
  3. Hi, I am about to buy a kTM 520 EXC,but I wasn't able to find enough info for this bike. I know that some of these bikes are said to be only 20 Hp or kW-I suppose there is somethnig into the carb or WHAT??? and WHY??? You must be a crazy to buy such a KTM just for learning how to ride?! Another question-is it a reliable bike?-I don't mean -undestroyable......but every bike has some weak points to consider? I would appreciate any opinions!!! Vlad