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  1. For that budget, you should be looking at DRZs, Honda XRs and Yahama WRs from the early 2000s. I personally have a 01 WR426, and it's been a fantastic bike for me. Good luck. DL
  2. I've got an '01 WR 426 with several exhaust systems for it - FMF Q, GYTR, stock YZ, stock WR. I'm finally getting around to putting everything back on to be street legal. (When I bought the bike used, it was plated, but had none of the lights on.) My problem is that the FMF Q is way too long and high. If I use flush-mount blinkers mounted near the plate, the endcap of the silencer hits the blinker. If I use either flush or stem style blinkers on the fender, the end of the silencer sticks up too high and hides them. The carbon GYTR that I've got is WAYYYY too loud, but performs awesome and is incredibly lightweight. It doesn't block the blinkers at all, but it's too loud for DS style riding. I've seen that they make a quiet end-cap, but it's for oval silencers, and I've got a round one. Other than buying a newer Q that's a little smaller, what's my best option? Like everyone else, I'm trying to balance performance with quiet.
  3. I wear an Troy Lee suit from a few years back. It's got soft chest padding, a back spine, hard shoulder and elbow pads, all mounted on a mesh 'jacket'. It's comfortable, lightweight and very breathable. It's even comfortable with a camelback. I ride almost entirely in the desert, and I don't really notice it once it's on - except in crashes, where it's saved me a couple times. I will never ride without it. The only issue is that an undershirt is almost a must - chafing has been an issue.
  4. L_o_vitch

    anyone using....

    I've got a Moto-Jack-Rack (the original version of the Ultimate MX Hauler). I love it and would never trust another bike carrier. It's way better than a trailer. If you are patient, you can find them used for a huge discount. I got mine from someone on Craigslist.
  5. L_o_vitch

    Apple Valley: Just looking for a few riders

    Sorry I came onto this one late. I'm actually a recent import into Apple Valley, and I'd love to get together for a few rides. I'll admit that I'm not the fastest, or most hardcore, but I'd love to get to know a few local people and trails. Give me a PM, and I'll see if I can make your next ride.
  6. L_o_vitch

    RE: Baja Designs, is it JUNK????

    You are absolutely correct. There is much respect due to the pioneers of dual-sporting, including Alan. Without them, none of us would be able to complain about the problems with our kits - they never would have existed. As far as your court battle - Kudos to you. It is nice to hear that people like you still stand up for what's right. Now regarding the kit - I have a BD kit on my '01 426. I am not completely happy with it, but it was on the bike when I bought it and it's been pretty good overall. I have a few little issues with some of the parts, and will be replacing them with aftermarket (non-BD) parts to better suit my needs. As far as the BD kit as a whole - I think its a good product, but there should be more quality control before the parts ever leave the BD shop. It's similar to what's happened to American vs. import products. American companies will invent something only to have the Japanese companies perfect it and corner the market. BD needs to continually keep working to perfect their product in order to stay competitive. Hopefully, it will happen.
  7. L_o_vitch

    RV or Toy Hauler?

    Personally, we are going the motorhome route. I've got an Expedition, but it's getting old and could only tow the smallest of toy boxes anyway. By the time I buy a replacement truck (used) and a decent toy box (also used), there really isn't any cost difference in going to a motorhome. I've got two young boys, and the Mrs, so traveling comfort swung us to the motorhome. Also, we camp with the boat, so the motorhome makes more sense for that. I know people that love the motorhome setup and others that love the toy box setup. I guess you just have to try both to figure out which one is good for you. Dave
  8. L_o_vitch

    '98 WR400F Wheels

    Dan - If he's not interested, I am. How much?
  9. L_o_vitch

    Will aFMF-Q really make a difference?

    I've got one on my street legal WR, and it makes a world of difference with the noise. Personally, I think it's worth it.
  10. L_o_vitch

    2001 WR426

    I totally agree with ChrisG. I bought mine recently (used) and I looked at a lot of bikes. Some were good, some were really bad, and I kept looking until I found one that was great. Just like a car, you can tell a lot by looking at the little stuff: oil (level and condition), air filter, chain condition, etc. Spin the wheels to check for sloppy bearings. Wiggle the swingarm. Check the fork bump-stops. If they are mushroomed, the guy probably crashed pretty hard a few times. Look at the hard to reach places on the engine - if clean, he probably took pretty good care of it. Look at the wheels for scratches. That type of stuff. Good luck. It's worth the extra time to check out the extra bikes.
  11. L_o_vitch

    Riverside County/San Berdoo Riding areas

    Bigmike- There's plenty of trails off of Ortega. I've only done the quick ride up to Santiago Peak (thru Silverado Canyon), but my neighbor has done most of them up there. It's mostly fire roads, but you can always find some singletrack if you don't mind the "I don't know where this goes but it looks fun" type of adventures. It's a great time, especially for being so close.
  12. L_o_vitch

    Where to park when going to pismo?

    It started with only $1200, and I slowly built it up from there. Best part of all is that now it's smog exempt (in two years, when I'm up for another round with the smog Nazis, it'll be exempt)!! Another good thing about having a junker is that it keeps the sand out of the DD. Yea, washing is very important, especially after Pismo. Being so close to the water really lays the salt down on everything, even if you don't go in the water. Plan on at least doubling your normal cleaning routine for everything.
  13. L_o_vitch

    Where to park when going to pismo?

    I don't think AAA will cover a tow from the sand. I'd call them and check before you go. I hear you about the whole 4wd thing. It costs a fotune, but when you need it, it's worth every penny. After gettin stuck a few too many times in Glamis, I gave up and got a '77 Ramcharger to get me out there (and to play with, too). Including all the upgrades I've done, I've only got $5k into it, but since then, I've towed a few broken buggys out of the dunes and pulled several trucks out of the sand. To me, It's been worth it having the spare truck just for the trips.
  14. L_o_vitch

    Where to park when going to pismo?

    Check out: Friends of Oceano Dunes and CA Oceano Dunes OHV You can camp in the OHV area, between the water and the riding area, but you have to drive a few miles on the beach to get there. You can’t ride to the OHV area unless you have dual-sport bikes (yet another reason why to DS your bike). The sand is soft near the camping areas, but you have to park there to stay out of the high tide. Also, you will need flags for your bikes. Do a search and you will find some good mounts. I personally use the Flick mount - Flickwhip , and love it. Also, bring some extra $$$. Chances are that you will get stuck in a stock 2wd. Usually, people are helpful and will help pull you out, but most want a little $$. Depending on how nice you are, a thank you may be enough, but always offer $$ and remember that they are helping you (the tow trucks are big $$ - I think around a hundy). Whenever I pull someone out, the price goes up in direct relation to their attitude. Have a good time. You'll love it. I almost prefer the sand.