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  1. Thump_Stump

    2007 KLX300R Good beginners bike?

    I dont think it was ever factory on the 300's, but I know there was a kit out at some point. Fourstrokeworks.biz has it listed up to 2003, but it may fit more years . If they fixed the ACR timing issue then starting it is a breeze, nearly as easy as my 16 KX450.
  2. Thump_Stump

    2007 KLX300R Good beginners bike?

    It was my first bike bought for me at 15 - a 2001. Still have it nearly 15 years later and have not babied it at all. I wouldnt say they sit low, but its something that can be adjusted and worked around. It certianly isnt a TTR or CRF230, but its also not snappy like a KX or something would be. I vote great bike for beginners, yet enough for a novice as well. As far as maintanance - not sure what they've changed, but I got my cam ACR adjusted and that helped the hard start/hot start issues. Theres a front brake hardline that if it gets pushed into the rotor causes a pinhole leak (ask me how I know). And the cam chain tensioner is janky, but none of it is really a huge deal if you ignore it and just ride the bike. Really easy to change shims on, ect. I've had that bike apart a few times except for splitting the case and its pretty solid.
  3. Kawasaki because its green. In reality... Kawasaki because you can find help for your personal bike while at a professional event. They really seem to back the amateurs/backyard beaters more then pros - Seems like every top rider has ridden Kawi at some point but most dont stick with them. This is mostly based off personal observation as I'm sure across the pond KTM/Husky is that way but here it seems like a nightmare if you need parts be it wait time or high price.
  4. Thump_Stump

    Tusk aftermarket

    Why guess? Go to the source. If you ask you shall recieve. Hello, Thank you for your email. Tusk is our in-house brand and the products are made to our specifications. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Sincerely, Nikki | Customer Service Representative Rocky Mountain ATV/MC - Toll Free: 1.800.336.5437 Fax: 1.801.465.3457 Address - 1551 American Way, Payson, UT 84651 Websites - www.rockymountainatvmc.com
  5. Thump_Stump

    Rotella 15-40

    What are you people doing to these oils to break then down in a day or two? These oils hold up to extreme duty high heat diesel turbos but a single cylinder dirt bike engine destroys it? This whole "good for someone who doesnt race" stuff is nonsense. Theres zero non-anecdotal evidence to back that up. If you've never done a blackstone labs (or similar) test - youre guessing at best. I would love to see broken down rotella as it would be a first. I know some forums force a "Are you sure the information isnt in these threads?" Search suggestion before someone posts. We need an all out ban on "Rekluse Engine Brake" and "Rotella" - at least until the next reformulation. Funny story Rekluse used to recommend Rotella, now they recommend more but still have Rotella on the table. OP - Google Blackstone Labs Bobistheoilguy Rotellta and have fun. Compare it to other oils new and used with VOA or UOA tests. That site will have more information then you'll want to know. On top of that, send your samples off to blackstone. They will tell you everything you want to know about the oil and internal engine wear. Spoiler Alert: OCI (Oil Change Interval) is more important then the oil you run. If you change your oil every ride you'd be fine with the cheapest walmart dino oil. If you run a high end synthetic, its likely that the filter will go bad before the oil. Yea, because they have these guys called lawyers that dont allow them. Funny story, if its not good for motorcycles why did it carry JASO MA2 certification? Stop trying to be clever and actually look up or post facts. Seriously you believe oil left black stuff? How is that even possible? Oil just picks up the carbon from combustion and removes it from the engine - oil turning black has little to nothing to do with quality or anything! Have you ever actually had your oil tested? Theres plenty of people that do and seem to say otherwise and have non-empirical data to back it up... https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2015818-Oil-Analysis-12-500-miles-Shell-Rotella-T6-5W40 Ugh. "Especially if you have a KTM"? Yea, because Yami, Suzi, Kawi, Husky, or any other motorcycle in the history of motorcycles rarely use wet clutches . Also it used to be rumor that synthetic was bad for clutches because it was too slick, how you're saying they require it? I also assume you mean "Cant afford". Rotella T6 goes in everything I own. Been doing it for years. Its a wonder how I havent blown anything up considering its a diesel oil and i dont own anything that burns diesel. PLEASE DONT TELL THEM IM USING DIESEL OIL IN MY MOTORCYCLE!!!! I DONT WANT THEM TO SHOOT MY DOGGO!
  6. Thump_Stump


    Why ask a bunch of wanna be experts online instead of the maker of the product? You are going to get wildly conflicting answers and a flame war in short time. The Radius X does not work with Hydraulic - that is part of why they created the CX. - Yes you retain your engine braking. It is listed in the FAQ, I have a Radius X in my bike as well as that is what the company states the product can do. - You do not need a new clutch cover or basket or anything to run the Radius X. You will recieve a new clutch cover with the CX. You can purchase the Radius X and later upgrade to a CX. (Less initial cost but you can still go full hydro rekluse if you like it...) -If you plan on getting a hydraulic clutch, you must get the Radius CX. This has been told to me by rekluse a few times. - Talk to rekluse about your bike setup and goals. When I got the Radius X it was recommended I get a new clutch perch. I believe this was to offset some of the extra pull some feel (not sure, mine felt lighter after install but that was with a new perch as well) but more importantly I needed a spacer that came with the DC31 lever for my clutch free play. It was not required but highly suggested and I went with it. Bottom line being I believe they are still doing a 30 day money back trial. You buy the clutch, register and install it, ride it in your bike on your chosen terrain to try and if you dont like it, send it back. You're out little or nothing to try an expensive product - not many companies offer such a thing.
  7. Thump_Stump

    Rotella T oil Good? Or Bad???

    Weird that a clutch company would recommend a product that creaes clutch fade. You're supposed to change oil every ride - but you also dont have to. Crazy right? Just like the BMW with 10k miles on one oil change, somehow i dont think thats recommended
  8. Thump_Stump

    Rotella T oil Good? Or Bad???

    Contamination from clutch is usually why it gets changed - not degredation. If price is all you care about i hope youre running walmart dino oil or youre wasting money - period. Changing oil more often is never rolling the dice. I run rotella because i can buy it by the 5 gallons cheap at my wally world and it works great in everything i own so i only ever need one engine oil on hand. Theres more reasons then to sleep good at night. I hope youre using the cheapest dino oil so no sleep is lost over tossing out a few pennies for the care of a few thousand dollar bike...
  9. Thump_Stump

    Rotella T oil Good? Or Bad???

    I play one on the intarwebs, that count? Not at all actually. What temp was it at? Black just is the amount of carbon and considering its a diesel oil it is made to pull more carbon out as diesel creates more carbon im not surprised at how fast it turns black. Same reason gas and diesel catalytic converters are different. But this has little to no affect on oil quality as these are traits of the individual additive packages. More black does not equal more bad - but you can only know this with something more then a visual test. The other thing being engine wear tests. Even the best engine oil wears down an engine. You can monitor engine particles so closely you can tell what metal is wearing. Even if you said 'i used rotella and my piston broke'i would bet big money it had nothing to do with the one time use of oil, something was failing prematurely. Are you even aware theres only a handful of base oils avaliable and every oil is made from one of those and a proprietary additive package is used being the only difference? If i remember correctly theres 5 groups and engine oils are only made from two of them. This isnt black magic or some gov conspiracy. I like to try and educate others because this was real eye opening for me... but some people just think they know better and dont care to educate themselves. Whats worse is when those people claim 'common sense'but have shown none. Good day
  10. Thump_Stump

    Rotella T oil Good? Or Bad???

    Fake news. My bad, i forgot that a handful of experience from some guy on the internet beats out lab tests and standards it has to meet. You must be like them 'real journalists' in the MSM. Blackstone Labs is an independent test source... not some guy on the internet whos conducted zero scientific tests. They make money off testing VOA and UOAs for individuals - they do not make, sell, or endorse any oil. Even if they did it would seem they recommend the cheapest dino oil as they focus more on OCI then anything else. Not to mention ASME and JASO standards that the oil meets and the thousands of people who have logged millions of miles problem free. Must all be a fluke and you looking at the oil can tell quality better then a mass specrometer. I guess i should just start checking the RPM and heat rating of my oils instead of having a lab test them for not only oil quality but engine wear. Or just look at it since thats all it takes...
  11. Thump_Stump

    Rotella T oil Good? Or Bad???

    Have anything non anecdotal? Blackstone UOA? Temp of engine with other oil and T4 (with included day temps, track conditions, riding style, ect)? Looks dont tell you much when it comes to oil quality. It is JASO compliant so it is enough to protect any bike. I dont care if you dont like it, but analysis shows that its a top tier oil that performs very well. The truth is its as good as any oil out there - Rekluse has been known to recommend it because it was better on their clutches however. Considering the re-labels and re-formulations (Read EPA stepping in and ruining oil quality) its not actually beating a dead horse. It used to carry the JASO label, but due to costs of having to re-formulate it no longer carries it while still actually being JASO compliant. Its not good to bring it up regularly, but its not a bad idea to revisit old thoughts due to new information or changes in technology/standards.
  12. Thump_Stump

    Rekluse clutch back to stock clutch

    Do you believe all shocks/forks are the same and that its not worth it to use the adjustments on them? These points are relevant. If you dont know if its true or not, why state it at all? A 60 second search of Rekluses website says (https://rekluse.com/faq/)"It is also not a slipper clutch. Unlike a slipper clutch, which disengages when the throttle is chopped, a properly set up auto-clutch maintains engine braking." So anytime someone says "My rekluse doesnt have engine braking" what they're really saying is "I dont have my rekluse set up or installed correctly."
  13. Thump_Stump

    Rekluse clutch back to stock clutch

    Never understood this, I believe only the early models had trouble. The core and new radius have engine braking for sure. If you dont have engine braking then you've set it up not too and it needs to be adjusted. This is not a feature of the product it is a incorrect adjustment/setup problem. What model clutch? I too have compression braking on my Radius X KX450F. My suggestion is to talk to Rekluse and people who have the model and possibly bike you have before spending any coin. The Rekluse is awesome sauce after the few minutes it takes to get used too. Some people dont like it, and theres things you should know about it such as you can roll backwards if you dont hold the brake on a failed climb. But thats something I've always done so its never been an issue. What you may be experiencing is going into a turn, or at any point really, you lock up the rear or have the clutch lever pulled in at low RPM you can loose compression braking. But a blip of the throttle (just enough to bring the RPM's up a touch) will re-engage the clutch and you will regain compression braking. It was werid the first 3 times I did it but havent noticed any issues with it since. I ride 4 strokes because I like the engine braking and held out getting one because of this rumor. I now of the option of it freewheeling or compression braking if I want by using more or less brake and the throttle. Downside is you loose the ability to bump start the bike easily. Not sure on the Core but on a Radius you have to loosen the clutch adjust nut a bunch, then you can start it, and re adjust it. I would take the clutch out and inspect it to be sure its a full Rekluse kit. My friend bought a bike with a "rekluse" that he had TONS of issues with. Turns out some guy tossed a core disk in the stock clutch minus three disks and called it good. If after a call to rekluse or watching videos to make sure you fully understand the free play slack adjustment and everything and you still dont like it, you would just need new friction and steel plates I believe. Maybe a basket but not 100% sure with the core. Please elaborate. Would be more helpful especially to the person who has one but it doesnt seem to do it for...
  14. Thump_Stump

    Should I be able to ride?

    What'd the doc say? I bet its a no go. You pay Doctors and surgeons to take care of you, but you'll take the advice of someone online who has no vested interest in you over what the doc says? We get it, you want to ride. But one day of riding is not worth the lifetime of pain you can end up with if you dont take care of yourself and heal properly. Sure theres people who had done serious damage to themselves and finished a race - but these people make a living off of it. Even those people are starting to say it wasnt worth it. These types of questions are always so silly - you're just hunting for someone to say yes so you will be more inclined to do it. Dont listen to those of us who have rode with an injury and now deal with pain daily... go ahead and ride.
  15. Thump_Stump

    Which Coolant...??? I know,.. I know...

    Engine Ice/Evans. I would recommend Evans as they are a very good company. They did a "FAQ" for the site that was very informative. In searching for the article they wrote I found this: https://www.evanscoolant.com/rebate-form/ Waterless Coolant>Mixed. They both will work, but waterless works better.