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  1. EmDee

    O'neal Venom Helmet

    I have this helmet and love it. Extremely light and comfortable too. I'm a learning intermediate rider and have certainly crash tested it plenty of times too. I've had to re-tape the fin on the helmet a few times when I landed right on top my melon. Luckily it didn't break, just broke the double sticky back tape free and of course thats an easy fix. I'd recommend it to anyone. I have the yellow/red/black model.
  2. This poor guy did! He had a bad crash on the bike, broke both his legs; femur in one leg, tibia or fibia in the other. Real nice guy with an mx accesories shop in Portland, OR. Said he was real mad cause it didn't hurt the bike at all but fugged him up real good. So since it was going to be a long time before he could ride again, he just wanted to get rid of the bike. I had been looking for a 02/03 in the $4500 price range and just couldn't resist this 04 at that price with the few upgrades he had on it.
  3. I'm a newbie to the CRF450 world and picked up a nice used 04 CRF450 a few weeks ago and was checking out these holes on the airbox. Originally I thought they were stock, cause they look kinda OEM, but when I was in a dealership yesterday they don't appear on a stock 04 CRF450. I figure the guy who owned it before drilled some holes and put a little mesh plug breather in there to get more air flow in the airbox. But being pretty ignorant about it, thought I'd shoot a few pics and ask some of you guys if this is the case and if this is a typical mod that most of you do for better performance? Any ideas?
  4. Shitty... I'm a slow begginer!
  5. EmDee

    HP numbers with SS valves????

    You wouldn't lose any HP due to weight. That would only effect the rate at which the engine will spin up. However, if they altered the design (shape) of the valves, then you might see a small gain or loss in HP depending on how they changed it.