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  1. Just want to let others out there lurking on here about the thier service. I ordered the radiator guards from Unibiker and a skid plate from the TT store late Friday afternoon and had parts on my doorstep Monday morning. Can't beat that kind of service. I am still waiting for my Russel brake lines I ordered (2) weeks ago on ebay.


    I keep hearing the talk about Sudco for carburator parts but I can't seem to find anything about they. Do they manufacture or just sell parts. Maybe someone can post a link. Thanks.

    Question for Burned FCR39?

    Thanks for the info Burned. I will be back for more info when I get one.

    Question for Burned FCR39?

    I know this subject has been beat to death, but what bikes should I look for to get an FCR off of. I know the "E" model has one but what others. Thanks

    DRZ + Cannondale parts?

    Thought the stock "S" model front brake resevoir was to big and bulky so I bought one off a cannondale (nissin).I guess it was from the liquidation of inventory. Works great and not as big. I also saw a pair of Marchozzi front forks brand new for $189.00. Wonder how they would work? I am not computer savy so I can't post the link but if you type in cannondale under m/c parts it should come up. I guess that I should have included that I saw this on Ebay.


    Here's my problem. Have a set of Pro Tapers w/adapters. I remounted the ignition switch layed over on its side between bars and speedo like i have seen others do on this site. Now I went to mount a set of Maier brush guards and ran into problems. 1st is that the mounts are for 7/8" bars and wont fit diameter of the Pro Taper. Do I have to get ones that are for 1-1/8" bars. If so,I have not seen them. 2nd is that because the base mount of guard is so far down on my bars that it is going to be in the way of my ignition switch. Hope this makes sense. Any pictures of what yu have done or advise would be appreciated.

    When did you start riding and on what?

    I just recently found this site and have spent most my time on the DRZ forum. I popped into here and found this subject interesting. My first bike was a 1971 SL70. My dad bought it new and after about 8-10 years in the family, he gave it to a friend from work for his kid to ride. I had not seen it since until a I am out riding and start talking to this guy and we figure out that our fathers were cops together and he is the kid that had the bike. It was still in his dads garage and they were more than happy to give it back to me. When my dad bought it he stripped it of all the lights,speedo,mirrors, ect and put them in a box and gave it to them and they still had all of it intact. It was unbelievable how good a condition it was in. I have just finished restoring it and it is cherry although the power is not what I thought it was in 1971. Just wanted to share that with you guys.
  8. Just got a set of the CR-HI bend and the universal adapters. My question is how to mount the ignition mount. Is there a aftermarket one or are you modifying the stock one. Any advise and pictures would be appreciated. This is for a 2004 model if thats of any concern. Thanks


    I was condidering them versus Pro-Taper/Renthal. What do you guys think. Thanks :

    More DRZ questions

    Just got a 2004 DRZ-400s. I have allready stripped it of unwanted weight. Now some more questions. I was wondering if the radiater fan is a must. Seems to me that thumpers run cool enough without them and this just adds more lbs and things to break?. I also just bought a FMF Titanium exhaust and need to know what jet sizes to run.I will mainly be riding in the high desert area of So Cal. Last, does anybody have a stock "E" tank they will part with. I am trying to lighten this bike as much as possible as I ride at about 210lbs. and do not want to add bigger capacity one. Thanks