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    I have a white bros. e-series pipe. I was wondering If i needed to re jet my bike Please help :usa: :lol: :busted: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. Big_Cheese_WRF

    The grey wire mod

    Hey I have an o2 WR250f and cut the blue wire and grey wire I feel a longer gearing and a lttle more torqe I rccomend you do it. I hope I was a help. Remember Ride safe! !
  3. Big_Cheese_WRF

    white brthers e-series HELP!

    I have an 02 white brothers e-series race pipe and I have all the disks out is there a way I can make it sound more deep like a big gun Ti-4 if so please help me out.
  4. Big_Cheese_WRF


    Is it okay to run your white brothers pipe with out the disks for a while?
  5. Big_Cheese_WRF

    funniest things said by a dealer

    My dad went to a dirt bike shop to see if he could get a tune up and the guy said yea we could take it now so my dad gave them his bike and my dad went into the shop and purchest a UNI air filter and asked if they could put it on for him and they said yea. Later that day my dad took his bike home. The next week we were riding and my dads bike had no power we checked the bikes gas and every thing then we looked at the air filter and they put the uni over the sock air filter. How was that!!!
  6. Big_Cheese_WRF


    Hey All is there a way to change my desplay name if so tell me how plz thanx :usa:Ride with Pride!!!
  7. Hey right now I have a wr250f and I want to get a race 450 and I wanna freestyle. But right know I trail ride and MX which bike do you think I should get a YZ450F, CR450F or the KTM 450SX please hlp me truthfully what I should get.
  8. Big_Cheese_WRF

    Yesterday I rode my friends 02 wr450f but...

    sorry but you know my wr250f does have the free mod's done to it tanks though
  9. Yesterday I rode my best friends wr450f and then I rode my wr250f just to see the power differance but did not feel much of a differance why?
  10. Big_Cheese_WRF

    how much lighter is the...

    Haha that was pretty funny but i asked that for a friend
  11. Big_Cheese_WRF

    how much lighter is the...

    how much lighter is the 04 YZ250F than the 02 YZ250f
  12. Big_Cheese_WRF


    I have an wr and it came stock with the o-ring chain is there a master link on it.(if so where)
  13. Big_Cheese_WRF

    Do you wanna see me with my bike!

    hey it's okay if i get made fun of because your all just joking right
  14. Big_Cheese_WRF

    If I got the YZF subframe!

    Hey thanks to all of you who answered my question and do you know muck one would cost?
  15. Big_Cheese_WRF

    If I got the YZF subframe!

    If I got the 02 YZF Sub Frame would it fit on my 02 wr250f