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  1. holeshot

    Honda crf 450 exhaust glowing?

    It's a four stroke.......they all glow a nice cherry red after 2 minutes in a dimly lit situation. If it glows noticabley in direct sunlight, that is unusual. Make sure you that you are not seeing a nomal thing before you tinker. If you let it idle for 3 minutes or more, it's not uncommon for a fourstoke to overheat and boil the rad fluid.
  2. holeshot

    Did I just ruined the engine case?!

    The shaft surface needs to be ultra smooth and uniform so that the seal doesn't get wiped out (especially when the JB creates a bump). Maybe someone has the skills to JB weld on a damaged shaft, but I would wonder about any mechanic trying to do this - I'd rather use some 800 grit or finer paper and make sure to remove any burrs that might damage the seal. Of course, best would be to take it to a machinist and have done right...but maybe that's not an option for everybody. This is why I don't don'y buy used bikes
  3. holeshot

    motocross... its not easy!

    Any sport is only a hard as the effort you put into it. I take it you don't actually race, which would require you to expend as much energy as possible to beat the other guy. Unless you're sandbagging and just cruising to the win....... move up a class so that you'll be tired.
  4. holeshot


    Thanks for the info. i didn't see the identical post just a bit down the page. I shoulda done the "search"
  5. holeshot


    My GPS was stolen by neighborhood thieves lately, so I was looking to replace it with a better one (I had the basic yellow, Etrex 100$ model before). Speaking with the sales guy at REI, it seems the model 62s or 62st would be the best replacement, but I’m noticing the Montana and Oregon models, because they have a bigger screen. Sales guy says that the touch screen is not easy to use with gloves on, so these are not recommended. The 62 series has buttons that are easier to operate. Anybody have experience with models other than the 62 series?
  6. '13 KTM 250 SXF with suspension revalved for offroad. Can't resist that estart (especially after starting that vintage '79 Husky 390 this weekend ............ouch)
  7. holeshot

    2013 450f shootout .. Who will win?

    What? 4 - 5 kg ? 5 kg=11 lbs. Are you sure that you're not comparing weight with full tank of gas vs weight empty? Common faux paus..........
  8. holeshot

    Worth buying a blown 2012 ktm?

    There needs to be something in it for you, since you are going through the trouble to fix it (your time is not free). Expect the worst, so you don't get burned. Imagine that you are on the reality show "Pawn Stars" and some guy comes in with a blown KTM ... how much would you give him? Chumlee.........
  9. I use two kinds of the "bent" type and also the "normal" type shown previously in this thread. Feeler gauges are cheap, so I don't mind having more than one type for double/triple checking (sometimes the normal type can be a bit to wide) When you're using the bent type, you do not force the bend under the gap - just the flat part. Your lobes are in the correct position, so you should be geiing a proper reading. Are you sure that you didn't get your units or zeros mixed up?
  10. Cutting the lip from one side of the rim (maybe a 12 inch portion?) would weaken your rim pretty drastically. When you bolt the lip back on, it's just resting against the rim (not a solid, integral piece any longer). The lip is a big contributor to the strength of the wheel. But you never know ....maybe you're on to something.......
  11. holeshot


    Why are we evaluating a bike that doesn't even publicly available yet (13 CRF450)? No one on TT has even blipped the throttle on one of these, so it's a vapor bike. Green apples unless the Red ones are more mature this year.
  12. holeshot

    2013 KTM 250SX all sold out!

    I was just down to Malcolm smith motorsports today...... there'a 2013 250SX sitting there and unspoken for....... can't remember the price.
  13. holeshot


    Don't you think the OP was just pulling our leg? Trolling? I don't think it was real............
  14. holeshot

    MX pet names?

    They both eat poop
  15. holeshot

    New KTM 250XC Already Took a SHIT!

    Probably just a defect (20 hour piston change would be for Pros going WFO all the the time) Just wondering - you used Amsoil Dominator at what mix ratio?