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  1. TheRC30Guy

    Help me out!

    Perhaps it would be best if the moderator did an exhaustive search and moved all the oil posts to the oil section. I hope I don't sound like a grouchy old guy, even though I am, but there was a place created for oil questions. It will make it easier for the young and inexperienced, at forum usage, to find what they want to know. These questions have been asked and answered so many times there can not be anything new in it until we move away from the petrolium economy. I think it is important for questions on oil to be answered for those who are unsure what to use and what oils are compatible. If a rider looking for answers to these questions qoes to the oil section and finds it empty it is only natural to come here and ask.
  2. TheRC30Guy

    Is hone job needed for piston replacement?

    Do a search on this forum and see what the real engine builders recomend. Guys like Kelstr and Ron Hamp, and Burned. Go to the CP piston web site and check out the piston for the CRF, what do they recomend for cylinder prep. Go to the JE piston site, what do they recomend? If you still have questions read it all again.
  3. TheRC30Guy

    chain/tire problem

    Buy a new chain.
  4. TheRC30Guy

    Race gas stability, how long?

    06 Crf450r with CP 13.5:1 piston and hotcams stage II Big Gun exhaust. Bike is used for road racing on shorter tracks. The bike is running fine on the pump gas so perhaps this is a mute point. I run once a month at Firebird, usually use about 3 gallons of fuel. If I buy race gas in the 5 gallon can will it still be good the next time I go out? Gas is not stable forever, I understand, but I don't want to throw the last two gallons into my street bike every month. Basic question, will the race gas be any good in the can after one month in the garage. Thanks for the help or the flames.
  5. TheRC30Guy

    FmF Exhaust doesnt fit **PICS**

    Header says 03-04, tailpipe says 04-06. Just curious.
  6. TheRC30Guy

    How to break in an '07 FAST!

    When I put the new CP piston in my 06 I used Kestrls method. Kick the engine through 30 or 40 times dry, sparkplug out, no oil. Then add oil and run it hard. It appears to have worked very well. Many of the forum users swear by this method. Logic tells me it should work just as well for a new engine.
  7. TheRC30Guy

    Real or just a modd'ed OEM Kit?

    I tried to report fraud to Ebay but there seems to be no way report suspect missrepresentation of a part. If someone buys it and complains it is a fake then Ebay may be able to do something. If you check his feedback you will see that almost all his negatives are for shipping missrepresented crap, mostly truch lift springs.
  8. TheRC30Guy

    Pointless shimming valves??

    Just shimmed my valves for the first time. I was amazed at how easy it is to do, I don't see any reason not to do it. I see no advantage in letting your bike go to the edge of disaster, bent valves, valves hitting piston etc. ,to save a few minutes on a pretty simple task. Let us know how your system works out for you. I think I'll continue to check valves every 10 or so hours and shimm as nesecary. It gives me a chance to bond with my bike, a little quality time.
  9. TheRC30Guy

    can't kick my bike

    I'm 5'8" and have learned to start the bike this way. I place a 3" high aerobic step palatform next to the bike and stand on that. I use the aerobic platform because my wife has it and it's light so I can easily throw it in the back of the car and carry it to the track. It could just as easily be a plank of wood, a wooden box or anything else that will get you a little higher over the bike and yet be stable so that you are not tipping over. I also cut some of the foam out of the seat for those times when I have to start the bike when I am not in the pits. It is still difficult if I am not on my starting box but it helps a little in a pinch. The bike is so tall it is hard to get the correct leverage for us shorter riders but I think that if you try the platform trick you will do just fine. Have fun.
  10. TheRC30Guy

    Old guy buying CRF 450R

    I'm 58 years old on a colision course with 59. At 5'8" I have to stand on a box to start it, no big deal.
  11. TheRC30Guy

    Hotcams stage 1 or 2

    As stated before on this forum, it depends on how you will use the bike. The search engine will give you many results on this topic. Also look at RHC cam in your search results. Search Hotcams 187 cam cams camshaft Far too much info to repeat here.
  12. TheRC30Guy

    2 Stoke Oil in 4 Stroke Gas?

    Using "top oil" was at one time a standard procedure for anyone trying to keep their Triumph or BSA alive. The oiling systems were poor, sometimes prone to cavitating. A little top oil was a bit of insurance in times of engine stress (with BSA that was anytime the engine was running). If you talk to anyone who has been riding for over 40 years they will probably admitt to using oil in the gas tank of there 4 stroke at one time or another.
  13. TheRC30Guy

    What's the stupidest thing you've ever witnessed?

    A couple of riders who loved the outdoors and still planned on voteing for a Republican.
  14. TheRC30Guy

    Maintaining my CRF450

    There are two crf450r shop manuals on Ebay right now. Check the buy it now price and shipping and see if it is cheaper than getting it at the local dealer.
  15. TheRC30Guy

    2006 crf450r fork change

    When all else fails, read the manual.