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  1. Greg_George

    Handlebar risers or other route?

    I am 6ft 5in and used to ride an 03 DRZ400 with big dr bar risers and button high bars. They raise the bars about 1.5in and push them forward about 1.5in as well. I just picked up an 03 WR450 and some CR High Protpaers and am waiting for this guy to finish the risers for the fatbars on yamahas. Check out his site they work great and he makes a great product. He says that in early April (now) he should have them finished. http://www.mts.net/~andyj/barrisers/ Greg
  2. Greg_George

    Woodruff Key

    Thanks I will check it out. Hopefully I will be able to tell. Greg
  3. Greg_George

    Woodruff Key

    This topic I see from searching has been talked about over and over. However I am trying to figure out how to tell if the upgrades have been done to the bike that have. I knew about the problems before I purchased my 03 but wanted it anyway. The person I bought it from was the second owner and did not know if these upgrades had been performed. I have not had any problems with the bike yet and have ridden it about 75 miles. Is there a way to tell without tearing it apart or even with it torn apart if the 04 starter conversion was done? or just the band aid fix that most Yamaha dealers used was done? I would like to check it out and fix it if necessary as I would hate to get stuck in the woods as I have read about others who have. Any help would be appreciated. Greg
  4. Greg_George

    NEW To Yamaha

    Thanks everyone. I will defintiely do some searching I was just hoping that there was a page someone had put together that told me abunch of stuff all at once. Thanks again and I will be back for other questions later. First I gotta ride it some more and figure out what else I need. Greg
  5. Greg_George

    NEW To Yamaha

    Just picked up my 05 WR450 . Must say sweet ride and a huge improvement performance wise over my KLX400. ANy quick and painless (cheap mods) also is there a larger tank out there as I ride alot of desert stuff. Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks Greg
  6. Greg_George

    What street bike to compliment my DRZ400S?

    I had a Bandit 1200 for a while and liked it quite a bit. If however I were to do it again the FZ1 would be key in the mix. Very fun and sporty and good on longer rides and I am 6ft5in tall. As for test rides why won't they let you ride? Around here (Boise, ID) all you need is for them to go out with you (separate bike), at least on the bikes Ive tested seems odd that if you are going to spend that kind of money they won't let you ride it, assuming you are licensed and capable. But anyway long answer short go for the FZ1 great bike huge fun and awesome potential as an all arounder, commute, sport rides, and medium to long distance sport touring. Just my two cents. Enjoy whatever you buy.
  7. Greg_George

    Hows this price?

    I live close by in Boise and that seems about right for that bike. If I were in the market I would defintely look at it. I hope its not too beat up and that you can get the guy to deal a little more just on pricipal. Good luck.
  8. Greg_George

    Moab Jetting for S w/ DJ Kit?

    I think that a 132 is where you want to be I ride 2k-5k and run 134 but could go either way as I get a little higher sometimes. Just my two cents but 132 sounds about right.
  9. Greg_George

    bar riser

    Buy the bar risers they are worth every penny. Mine fit just fine with a small tweak of the bracket as well and no problems with the light plate. I say get them and you will not be disapointed.
  10. Greg_George

    1994 LC4

    Anyone have a pic of this bike. Looking for a good short distance road buzzer that can do some fireroads and I found one of these in the local paper for $2k. Have not seen and don't know much about so any info would be great. Thanks
  11. Greg_George

    Where to get pegs and shifter

    Yes the pegs from an RM will work. It seems quite a few guys are running them. Check Ebay often as they seem to be few and far between right now. In response to the first question the extended shifter is a must for big footed folks my size 14~15 fit much better now also adjust the shifter up a notch or two from stock and it makes a big difference. Also If I am not mistaken the E footpegs are almost the same size as the IMS pegs? Am I mistaken, I have an S and the pegs are tiny, but sharp.
  12. Greg_George

    fast blinking signal lights

    I had the same problem check out this page and you can see how to fix it. Under Big Ugly Tailight. http://drz.info/drz/
  13. Greg_George

    Chain Lube

    Thanks 10Guy good to see at least one other person has/is using it and seems to like it. I will have to look for the clear next time if I decide I like it.
  14. Greg_George

    Chain Lube

    Thanks I looked at the Bel-Ray but went with the Motul as a new recommendation just wondering if anyone has used it. Thanks
  15. Greg_George

    Chain Lube

    What chain lube do you all use? I have been using the Silkolene but my local shop is out has been out and appears that they are going to stay out of stock of it for a while. They recommended Motul Offroad (funky green color! at least it matches the bike). Anyone used this? Does it work as smooth as the Silk?