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  1. DoctorRzed

    Some Progress Pics...

    I got my wheel hubs, motor mounts, valve cover, and cases powdercoated candy blue. I got the thumpertalk case covers, yosh exhaust, and a devol skidplate still to put on.
  2. DoctorRzed

    Won't start

    Not sure what that means. Throw some jumper cables on and Rule out if it's your battery. Bump start and rule out other electrical issues.
  3. DoctorRzed

    Did Turkey Baster Mod with Pics... Any issues?

    Removing the coolant tank (on left above chain) and replacing it with a smaller turkey baster mounted up near the rads. Requires a Turkey Baster Tubing And something to seal the top of the turkey baster. I used a rubber gromet that fit perfect and sealed a tube through it and it very tightly plugged the end up. The bottom of the baster recieves the hose from the rad. The top of the baster is for an overflow. It really just frees some clutter, and perhaps puts the coolant tank in a place less prone to breaking.
  4. I removed the coolant tank and tried this out. I made a bracket to hold if off the rads. Any issues I may run into by the looks of this pics?
  5. DoctorRzed

    What does the carb mod accomplish?

    I just ordered a used Yoshimura RS3 slip on from eBAY, and am waiting for it to come in. I did not touch the jetting yet, and have no idea if the PO had touched it. I did take apart the carb and shold have looked at the jets but i am not sure(I think the main was 143? could be wrong) Currently on was the OEM pipe. When I recently bought the bike there was some serious bog off the bottom. Other than the pipe the bike will be stock. This is the 2000 E model.
  6. I just ground down the stub on the ac diaphram and wire tied the lever per the instructions I found here. I won't be able to fire up the bike for another month or so until I get the rest my parts in, but what exactly does this mod accomplish, and is there a noticeable diff.? I also removed the CE. TO my knowledge this just cleans up the clutter and simplifies things. Will I have to bump anything up so it wont pop on decel?
  7. DoctorRzed

    Got back into riding. Anywhere to ride in NEPA?

    Keep me in mind, once spring breaks the bike will be ready to go!
  8. DoctorRzed

    Will this DR650 low fender kit fit on a DRZ400?

    Couldn't agree more lol. To each their own I guess.
  9. DoctorRzed

    Should I worry about my cam chain?

    I put the manual one on. However I bought it with the oem one on it. I am just wondering if I should replace the cam chain?
  10. I just bought a 2000 DRZ400. Being that it is almost 13yrs old should I be worried about my cam chain? The bike is in excellent shape, the valves are in spec, compression is what it should be. I am just wondering if there were any parts you'd deem important to replace on this older machine.
  11. DoctorRzed

    Has anyone here had carpal tunnel surgery?

    Have you tried alternative methods such as myofacial release techniques preformed by a chiropractor. The insidence of Carpal Tunnel after surgery coming back is pretty high, often there is a "double crush". You nerve can be irritated as high up in the neck causing the presented symptoms. http://www.chiro.org/research/ABSTRACTS/Carpal_Tunnel_Syndrome.shtml
  12. DoctorRzed

    FMF muffler fitment to stock header pipe

    Almost 100% sure you need an adapter.
  13. DoctorRzed

    DRZ400s for Hard Enduro

    The DRZ is quite capable of hacking it with the best of bikes in the woods. You only can go so fast cutting and navigating tight off road situations. Its not motocross where the power and weight of the bike are main foctors along with skill. Suspension, stabilizer, and Bike armour and your good to go. Engine Preformance modifications are just icing on the cake. Whether I was on a CRF450 RM250 XR650R or the DRZ, I never had a problem keeping up with anyone. I used an XR650R for a harescramble once and had a blast and finished in the top 5.
  14. DoctorRzed

    Where can I get individual Front Spokes?

    Are there any other models that share the same spokes? RM250 perhaps? Other makes etc. http://www.buchananspokes.net/ should have what we need. It is a shame that suzuki wont sell individual ones. Maybe I'll check w/my local dealer.