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  1. I can wheelie in 5th gear pretty easily because of free mods and fmf exhaust. I once pulled a 1/4 mile wheelie in 5th going down an asphault road, it was crazy.
  2. jc777

    YZ 426 Horsepower question?

    gotta be rear wheel, On my wr450's certificate of orgin it says 59hp crank.
  3. jc777

    Hot Camshafts Auto Deco Cam

  4. jc777

    aftermarket exhaust

    I added a fmf factory 4 to my bike for 700$ w/ the powerbomb header and i noticed a HUGE difference through out the entire powerband probally around a 8hp gain
  5. jc777

    quick cam question

    Anyone ever done hotcams before?
  6. jc777

    quick cam question

    I am thinking of installing both the intake and exhaust version of hot cams on my bike,but first i have a couple of quick questions to ask.Will the yz450f version hotcam fit my wr?and do i have to rejet to get the full effect,and is there any other things i should be aware about when installing this cam?
  7. jc777

    Power Question

    Yes your bike would win in a race,but it is also a little more money then the 110.The 110 is more of a smaller childs bike comparable with xr80 and your bike is more comparable with a 125.
  8. jc777

    I have a really rally important question

    That history lesson was pretty funny.And how would a xl600 be a better free style bike?I thought they were heavy trail bikes with a soft suspension,like the xr's.
  9. jc777


    I drag race alot and am an agressive rider,It feels as if the snap is missing.Everytime i mod my bike i just get used to it and end up wanting more power , I guess im just a power addict looking for more power for a cheap price.
  10. jc777

    Why do people convert a WR to a YZ?

    I bought the bike because I wanted a bike to learn a little on but still wanted good power and trail capabilities,And I knew the power was available if i wanted it.
  11. jc777


    Im just looking for more overall power what other mods besides the cam do this?
  12. jc777


    I have done all the free mods , fmf factory 4 , jetting , and 13/50 gearing and still find myself looking for more power.Im thinking of the yz450 cam which i will probally do here in the next month or so.If that is not enough then what is the next step for more power and how much will it cost.
  13. jc777


    Its a good bit lighter than the stock pipe,and it is a little louder than the uncorked stock,but the performance gains are unbelivable.I got the whole system so it just doesnt bolt right on and u have to jet it too,i just had my local dealer do it and so far its good.
  14. jc777


    I just had my new fmf factory 4 exhaust system put on and jetted,and omg its like riding a new bike it feels like i added around 8-10 hp which is probaly true , this thing with now demolish my freinds cr250r whcih used to beat me by 5 feet before.Its pretty loud but in all aspects it is worth it.btw i also have the powerbomb header.It truley feels like a new bike i cant keep the front end down now.
  15. jc777


    I was searching around for mods for my bike and I came upon a electronic device called the ICAT.Itit goes between ur spark plug wire and coil.supposed to alter pulse greating beter power.Has any one tried this?If so is it worth 200$ there asking for it and how much of a difference is noticible.