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  1. icemachines

    Ice racing

    Ice Racing is big in Alberta Canada. Check outhttp://www.icemachines007.ca which has some good info (links) about our races, and couple cool video's.
  2. icemachines

    Ice Is Nice

    We into the ice racing scene out West. Check out my site. We complete in 6hr endurance races. This weekend is our annual 24hr ice race "Numb Bum" people from all over North America compete, you should give it a try. http://www.icemachines007.ca FYI: Second gear club of Calgary has info front fender guards for your info.
  3. icemachines

    Where to find a stock head?

    Try Lukes racing. Mike will make it happen. Say "Icemachines" form Alberta Canada sent you. I have nothing but good things to say about this company. http://www.lukesracing.com/
  4. icemachines

    YZF External Stator

    Eline is the one I would recommend. Pretty nice set up and has plenty of power for high power lights, grips, etc.etc. Only concern I had was the shifter breaking if whipping out, It's now 1 1/2 years and no broken levers. Issues with a wr set up the lack of wattage. At 2500 rpm the AC is rated up to 55 watts and the DC is 26 watts. But I guess it depends on what lighting our powering.
  5. While Ice Racing this weekend I seized my engine. Currently findings are a valve broke and mashed up the head and the remaining 4 valves, a scratched up cylinder, a hole through the piston which is seized at the bottom of the stoke. Haven't had time to split the case yet to see what else I'll find. Question is: Who do you recommend for rebuilt heads, valve and cylinder brands, and possibly crankshaft. Recommendations of a porting/oversize kits while keeping the stock carb would be great. Still a little unsure and the reason of this nightmare but I would really like to make sure she stay's together.
  6. icemachines

    Latest Ice Video

    Check it out http://www.icemachines007.ca/DEAD%203.wmv
  7. icemachines

    06 YFZ450 jetting? "bog"

    Had the dreaded bog. Search jetting specs from "indy wr450", their bang on. JD Jet Kit and Boyseen Quickshot is also a good investments. Bog free
  8. icemachines

    Ice Racing Vid

    Did A good Job on the Vid. Great race
  9. icemachines

    YZF tanlk and Seat on 04 WR 450F

    Tanks and seats fit both bikes Shrouds for wr and yz's are the only difference. you'll need to buy another set
  10. Here's a clip of the 18th annual 24hr World Endurance Ice Race known as the "numb bum" Numb Bum 24hr More information on the race and the ice race season can be found at icemachines 007
  11. icemachines

    Party In Seattle THIS Saturday (1/15)

    Well, I've waiting this long for an update, and I'm not just talking some written spiel. Where's the PICS to this event!!!!! I'm sure there has to be a few that were taken. Hope all is well, and we'll be looking forward to your return up north. The team next door '007' www.icemachines007.ca
  12. icemachines

    Playing on Ice Video

    Thanks again, I updated the video, increasing the bike's audio. A great improvement Feb 6 starts the race season with a video soon to follow. Please Post any links to other ice racing sites so I can add the our site.
  13. icemachines

    Playing on Ice Video

    The tire we use is a Kenda Millville, however building it, is an art. A set of built tires run around $1000 Can. These are meant for ice only, covers go on this tires anytime they are not on ice. Too expensive to wreck. On our site there is a link to our local builder. Rock Central Cycle. he gives a description in what is involved. hence the price If you plan to race these tires I learnt AMA rules do not allow "Tire cutting or regrooving is not permitted in studded classes" This rule doesn't exist here for our racing. I'm unsure of the brand that makes a ice specfic tire which only requires screws, but that would be a cheaper way to go. Maybe $500 Max. for a set. www.icemachines007.ca
  14. icemachines

    Studding tires for Ice

    At first I thought American and Canadian rules would have no differences. As we buy AMA approved screws. However the main diference is we plane our tires. AMA states "Tire cutting or regrooving is not permitted in studded class" Others we race against use the winter type tires but are able to hook up in the deep snow. Having a lug acts like a paddle and allows the screws to dig in the heavy snow. You should challenge that rule as there is a huge difference when making a turn in the deep snow, off the main groove. I just posted a video of one of our practices, You can see how they hook up Icemachine Practice
  15. icemachines

    Playing on Ice Video

    Great responses. We had first built the video to show our supporters what ice racing is all about. We practice around central alberta (Red Deer) we have quad so any lake will do. Western RV has been a great help allowing us with a place to stay during the 24hr Endurance Race aka the "Numb Bum". Courses we race on have a minimum distance of 6km for 6hr events and the 24 hr is usually 18-20 km with 200+ turns, sorry no JUMPS, ice heaves can almost kill a guy. Our season starts soon, new video to follow. here's a pic of the rear tire we use Ride on