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  1. I had same problem pilot jet is probablly plugged, ethanol gas stinks.
  2. NewYork

    Heading up to camp this weekend wondering if the roads are ok to ride on? What is the legal way to ride on the hill. We will be leaving for Cedar Pines and try to make it up the Highmarket, then timberview, and across to Montaque. Any suggestions would be appriciated all ATV and bikes are plated and insured. Thanks!!!
  3. It also has a vacuum line running to it. The vacuum turns the petcock on once the engine starts. When you shut the bike off the vacuum stops and the gas is shut off. x2
  4. Lockport,ny here.
  5. Clean the low speed jet, the small orifice and the crappy new gas do not mix. At low throttle openings the extra gas you are missing from the jet will make the bike surge.
  6. "they are the same as the Ken Sean folding mirrors" This is correct I have these and work great, a little care must be taken when folding them in but they work great!
  7. It might be worth cleaning the low speed jet, that would make it run lean at start up and idle.
  8. Cleaned my low speed jet, that was gummed up from this crappy gas they sell. It was idleing really rough and poping on decelleration.
  9. Skid Plate, DRZ/KLX 400 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70-1003 Skid Plate, DRZ/KLX 400 Your Price: $74.95USD/Each
  10. Thanks for the input, I just changed my gearing to 14/47 I will run my current set of Trackmaster II's on the road till it dries out, then probably get a fresh set for the spring trails. I still have my original trailwings for the road.
  11. I checked out the Dunlop 606s, I ride alot of mud lots of atv ruts the Trackmaster II work prettty good but definatly wear on the road more about 2000miles are my average. But they are 1/2 the price.
  12. Haven't been to the forum in a while, looking to put on new tires. I am just checking if there are anything new out there, I ride about 80/20 dirt/street, currently have KENDA K760 Trak Master II 80/100-21 Front KENDA K760 Trak Master II 120/100-18 Rear I ride in lots of mud and stone any updated suggestions?
  13. I had 14/47 23 miles to work at 65 to 70 MPH thruway. Excellent off road gearing. I put the stock 15 back on it is much better on the thruway good compromise.
  14. I am putting in new rear brake shoes in my daughters 4 wheeler. Looking for info or trick to remove brake housing? It is shaft drive I thought I could just remove right side axle housing to get accsess to brake shoes but some thing is holding it back. I loosen axle nuts but still no removal the cover is loose will spin but won't slide off. Ant help would be great.