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  1. SoCal27

    Honda CRF450R 2011

    This is my desert sled.
  2. SoCal27

    Honda CRF450R (2011)


    This is my desert sled.
  3. SoCal27

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Good Morning All! I just acquired a my first Supermoto bike. Question, anybody know much about the switch in the pic? The manufacture is STM. Thank guys. Great content on this site-
  4. Question: Does anyone know of an additive, or even food coloring, that I can add to my fuel so that while I'm racing I can look down and see right away how much fuel I still have? I run a YZ250F with the Clear IMS tank and its super hard to see the clear (straight) gas in the clear tank. Suggestions??? Thank you much!
  5. I was begining to wonder if ANYONE was going to shoot me advice on this topic. That was super helpful, and I think Im gunna go with the Cylinderworks on this. Especially since I shouldnt have to run race gas. Thankks again!
  6. Hello there fellow TT'rs- So Im thinkin about bumping my 2008 YZ250F up on the cc's and wondering if the extra cost of the Athena Kit will be worth the performance. I have read great reviews on this site for the Athena kit, but havnt heard anything about the Cylinder Works kit. It looks like the Athena kit is a 290cc and the Cylinder Works is a 269cc. I just wanna give my bike a LITTLE XTRA, Im not trying to make the dang thing a 450! And either way I go, will I need to run RACE GAS??? Because THAT will end my lil quest right now. Thank you!
  7. Im tryin to service the forks on my YZ250F and cant seem to get into the inner cartridge to service the oil. Any suggestions?
  8. SoCal27

    How old are you? and How long?

    i'M 24 and Have been riding bikes since i was 3 and riding my SDG since 2004. I love racing that damn thing cause its so much less pressure than racing my big bike (04CRF-250).
  9. SoCal27

    SDG pro mini

    I have a Pro Mini and i love it! The power is good and the marzocchis work great. Im glad the oil cooler is on there, it will help with the life and performance of my engine in the long run...the frame is exactly what it needs to be..STRONG!!!
  10. SoCal27

    Has anyone put 12inch rims on their SDG?

    SDG will sell you a 12" front wheel directly. they retail for $129.99 complete... i got one on my 107 and it helps a ton toward stability...
  11. SoCal27

    Hungry Valley (Gorman) Volunteer Patrol

    Does this give me the oportunity to be one of those JERKS who ride around and give sound tests? That gotta be the coolest job ever! I mean, with Gorman being the sprawling metropolis that it is, we really need to crack down on those noisy dirt bikes!!!LOL. Its the friggin middle of nowhere---- those guys kill me...
  12. SoCal27

    i need a good rear shock for an sdg ...?

    Go with a ROMIC! Those things are double adjustable and they offer two different lengths. Their number is 760.244.4478 ask for Brian.
  13. Post deleted by Hawaii-Rider
  14. SoCal27

    YamaCross-Action Magazine...

    Thank you!90% is the rider! But I have to say that MXA does seem to favor the Yahama. And it definitly shits on Kawasaki at every other chance, when they tested the KX-250F a few issues back they said things like "carves through the courners like a thanksgiving turkey." but the very next issue it can't get you around the block! They also give praise to the motor saying" this thing revs to the moon" next issue: "cant even rev high enough to hit the rev limiter!" I just bought a CRF 250 just to kill the Yamaha guys!