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  1. They are having the show right now a side by side and a new sport atv I am waiting on more text msgs now.
  2. KRH

    Brandon, MS

    I do not think so I heard there was a track being opened in Pearl,MS it is 5 miles or so away. I will try to find out for sure.
  3. I have been looking for ideas for a year no one here has ever posted much when I asked. I want to do some type of bench/storage box. Anyone have pics of their vans?
  4. Anyone ? How do yhe fit?
  5. KRH

    Triple Clamps for my 04?

    I have a 04 and was thinking about clamps then thought about the e axle. Any first hand knowledge on the e axle?
  6. I ordered one too never put it in still in the box new hate to know what I will have to sell it for.
  7. my boss just called from the show its true.
  8. I would like to see someone's setup too. I got a e350 a few months back and need ideas. someone out there must have a few pics.
  9. KRH

    Out For A While. Surgery

    I called and checked on Dwight last night all went well. We need him back.
  10. KRH

    Gyro Ball

    I picked on up at the dealer show first of the year the company or distributor is dyna-flex its a gyro on a bar comes with a m/c grip msr had the same thing a few years ago . there number is 714-630-0909 . btw is is fun to play with for a little while but its not going to help arm pump .
  11. I just checked my to do list on the tivo and this stinks. I hope directv has the program listed wrong I am going to record the gncc and supermoto and hope it will be mx. I will not know until I get home from work man this is a bummer
  12. KRH

    Indy dealer show

    I can not wait, have not been in a few years .
  13. Well I am late my tivo already recorded it must have come on today while at work.. this thing is great!!!!
  14. i was going through the guide on directv on 12/8 from 2-3 am on speed they have FIM Motocross from Zolder Belgum i have set my tvio