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  1. by droping the triple clamps or raising the forks, you will be changing how the bike will steer.when the tubes are flush the bike will be stable and push through corners droping will make the it knife in corners, makeing the handling very quick. what you did will cause head shake at high speed.
  2. seven

    So Cal Tire Question

    756rr - front..just tried this tire. little tougher compound and stiffer side walls. great intermidiate tire
  3. seven

    2001 XR 100 valve clearance

    is it a big job? i just left a dealer they wand $115.00. i can screw it up for less than that...
  4. seven

    Does anyone remember......?

    e-mail shift, marketing or sales dept.
  5. seven

    who has a spark arr. or pmb kick stand

    that looks like a KTM kickstand, the kind all my buddies are switching out for the PMB.
  6. seven

    The CRF450 a widowmaker?

    widowmaker only because i want to ride more, maybe it should be called a weekend widowmaker.
  7. seven

    Please help!

    crf 450 at high desert ca. 2 1/4...then play around
  8. seven

    randsberg / mojave

    great info.thanks...it's not and old post by the way.
  9. seven

    randsberg / mojave

    i posted on crf450 as well. years back i rode at cal city, randsberg etc. i want to take my son into randsberg ride all morning lunch then ride in afternoon. i got a couple of suggestion as to where to stage. any ideas about this area. i would like to take him to the mine/tunnel.
  10. seven

    mojave riding

    thanks for the info..i'll look up those areas.
  11. seven

    mojave riding

    years back i did some riding near Randsberg moved to south orange county and haven't been back to mojave. i want to take my 10yr old (very accomplished rider) out that way and into randsberg. any suggestion as to where i should stage, cal city etc...?
  12. seven

    OT: Anaheim 1 sucked big time

    i have been going for 20 years, never again. i left at 9:30 and saw 6 races. i'm all for 7 yr olds riding, i don't want to watch for 1.5 hours. too much of everything and not nearly enough racing...total joke. $75.00 a seat to watch infomercials. i brought my 10 yr old who lives and dies dirtbikes, he was begging me to leave. should have went riding like i did last year.
  13. they will most likely reward you for your honesty (because it's becomming more rare) and let you keep the tech 8, which by the way is the best boot on the market...
  14. seven

    Keep the 02 or get an 04?

    i wasn't going to post however, my guess is that you have worked hard your whole life and that this is a very important hobby to you. get top dollar for the 02 while you can, get the 04 you will not be sorry. you don't ask for much you deserve it...
  15. seven

    Knarly, Muddy, Scary ride!!!!

    that's what i'd like to know where are you riding? i've been riding every weekend for the last several months, can't find anything but dust.