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  1. MMichetti

    just a pic of my baby lookin' fine!

    im guessing you just got it?!?! lol its so clean if u washed it it would make it more dirty.
  2. MMichetti

    CRf 150 mods

    I'd say put a rev box on it and a 45tooth renthal aluminum sprocket on the back. The sprocket will balence out the gears perfectly and add some needed speed. You wont regret it!
  3. MMichetti

    Starting problems

    when u get it running, ride it hard and completely break it in. It will start up on the 1st kick in a couple of weeks. Mine was a bitch to get runnin when I first got it too.
  4. MMichetti

    CRF 150 or CRF 230?

    my crf150 has a custom nillet exhaust cap, performance jetting, a BBR rev box, and renthals on it(13/45) and it runs soo much better than my friends stock 230. It just seems looser and more "getty". I would suggest getting the 150 and modding it with the bucks u save from the 230. besides, the 230 weighs a lot mor than the 150 and you can get the 150 to put out more HP with some work. Whatever you get, RIDE RED!
  5. MMichetti

    Any Honda Crf150 Owners Help!?!?!

    I know its unlikley, but i think even the all so mighty Honda could possibly produce a single lemon. Dont get the idea that hondas are crap, i have a 150 and it runs great, although ive popped the cam chain off, cracked valves, and dented piston! lol, its not hondas fault though, it was mine. I should of figured it would happen when i forgot to change the oil!!!
  6. MMichetti

    whats up with the............

    2bros racing makes a kit to take a stock crf50 to a 125. It goes from the measily stock 2.5hp to a crazy 16.5hp!!! Its crazy, just like the price-LOL
  7. MMichetti

    engine noise?

    Check to see if your choke is stuck on a lil bit, i had that problem b4. Good Luck
  8. MMichetti

    CRF150 exhaust systems

    I have been wondering on what exhaust systems I shoud be checking out for my CRF150. Lots of people will just say that what ever pipe thay have is better than another system but you cant really tell unless you dyno tham or compare them side by side. I basically just going for a popularity vote and try to tell me what system you have and what differences you notice from stock to aftermarket.
  9. MMichetti

    popping noise

    I had the same problem with my crf150. Check the bolts holding on the exhaust header. They have to be pretty tight or else the exhaust will leak out the side there and make a weird popping noise while decelerating.
  10. MMichetti

    I want more power!!!

    The Hyper cam at www.twobros.commakes a pretty good difference with power with the power up kit.
  11. MMichetti

    CRF150 Top Speed is...

    so, how much does your kid weigh? Thanks
  12. MMichetti

    power options

    I just un corked the sirbox and took out the inner baffel. My power up kit with the jets and needle came in this week also. What are some other cheap inexpensive hop ups for more power-im lookin for some websites to order from. oh ya-dont tell me to "get a bigget bike? Thanks!
  13. MMichetti

    I want more power!!!

    ne ways, thats in cali. and thats long distance 4 me, i live in ohio
  14. MMichetti

    I want more power!!!

    how do i know u guys arnt jokin about this hootie guy i think u guys are makin up more [@#$%&!] every time u get on the forum. If u cant help me then dont reply!
  15. MMichetti

    230 head or engine in a crf150

    do you think it would all mount? I thought the head might but the other stuff? idk