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  1. crf250rguy

    Exercise/warm-up to avoid arm pump?

    im having a really big problem with arm pump... but then again i should since i havent rode a bike for over 8 months up until 2 weeks ago.. my arm pump doesnt go away though... i know i dont have a death grip. the insides of my pants right at the knees have huge holes in them
  2. crf250rguy

    Help me on this one guys

    i agree with this guy... radiator braces are the first thing id buy if i were u
  3. crf250rguy

    What exhaust??

    yeah it comes with a spark arrestor.
  4. crf250rguy

    What exhaust??

    i run this exhaust on my 07.. works great sounds good http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/product/YOSHIMURA-RS2-COMP-SLIPON/?catalogId=107474
  5. crf250rguy

    What exhaust??

    either invest the money in suspension or if u plan on racing invest in tires air filters levers extra set of bars oils and lubes... that way ur not stuck sitting the rest of the day if something were to break
  6. crf250rguy

    Time for an old thread to sleep along with an old man

    the new band was damage plan...
  7. crf250rguy

    Time for an old thread to sleep along with an old man

    for thoughs of u who dont remember or heard but jlaw has spent 4 months of a 1 year sentence in jail for assaulting one of his own friends... i also witnessed him (this is before his pro debut) get arrested in minnesota for stealing someones golf cart at the pro nationals on the amature day.. the kids a punk... Dungey did the right thing... maybe Jlaw will get it through his head to stop screwing with people... like someone already said RV put a tire in his face jlaw stopped messing with him... now maybe that dungey stuck up for himself jlaw will leave him alone..
  8. crf250rguy

    panik rev

    wish them the best of luck... thoughs guys must race at byron there right around the corner from there
  9. what does the old plug look like?
  10. theres an easier way to check if u have a bent valve than pulling the head off the bike... do a compression check... its better than pulling something apart and finding out nothing was really wrong...
  11. crf250rguy

    How much is too much valve shimming CRF250R

    cause people ride it like a 2 stroke and rev it to the moon... takes valves out pretty quick.... justin barcia even has problems with valves on his factory bike cuz he over revs it all the time.. just watch this video http://motocross.transworld.net/1000090081/videos/catching-up-with-justin-barcia/
  12. crf250rguy

    Midwest Track Owners Beware!

    i dont understand y people get sue happy when they get hurt.. there are risks involved in the sport if u cant afford to get hurt this is not a sport for u and u can go hangout in the bleachers and watch... http://www.midwest-racing.com/2009/district_17_fights_for_the_kids.htm this also upsets me... if it werent for motocross id probably would of been in alot of trouble growing up.. thank god this didnt pass.. even though i guess there trying to pass it agian this year...
  13. crf250rguy

    need some help

  14. crf250rguy

    Opinions on boots for the mx track

    thats from wearing gaerne boots.. they are great new but get really weak and really didnt have any suppost for my ankles.. i guess i should say the tech 8s are better quality
  15. crf250rguy

    Opinions on boots for the mx track

    i agree with u 100% on the tech 8s i believe they provide the most ankle support out of any boot. this is y i dislike gaerne sg10s boots and helmets are the 2 things i will never ever buy cheap anymore took one good accident to figure out its not worth going cheap on something that will more than likely prevent injuries