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  1. xt225: Yup, that'd be them!!! Jeff Sutton Spotted Dog Racing
  2. Saw the McCrary Twins--Billy and Benny, in Calgary, Alberta in July, 1976. They weighed over 700 pounds each, and I believe (it WAS nearly 30 years ago!) that they rode Honda Trail 70s. Jeff Sutton Spotted Dog Racing
  3. Thank you, Pimp-Daddy.
  4. Bruthahs an' Sistahs: Let's just say that you were a casual trail rider in possession of a totally stock 1996 Honda XR250R. I mean, this thing is so stock that it still has the original chain/sprockets/tires! Mileage? Less than 400! Let's just say that you were blessed with a really good income, an understanding wife, and a desire to possess the most awesome, incredulous, no-holds-barred XR250R on God's green earth! Let's just say that money was no object, and you were determined to make your bike the standard by which all others were judged--no modifications you desired were to be denied--to engine, suspension, brakes, wheels. . . whatever you can imagine in your wildest dreams!!! Thank you for your support, JeffSutton
  5. 45.75 years old--waiting for my 4 year-old to outgrow his fiddy so I can trick it out! Bought his future XR100 (2003) last night! Yeah, I jump the gun a little bit--he got his XR50 at 7 months!!!
  6. Thanks for the help so far--here is some more info: 1. I have yet to run the motor; it came with a stock xr100 carb--main jet size unknown. 2. Pipe is an FMF PowerCore 4, I think--no spark arrestor. 3. It will be used for roadracing and flattrack. 4. Fuel--yet to be determined. Will try 110 and try to go down from there. Thanks, Jeff Sutton Spotted Dog Racing
  7. Allright, mates: I have recently purchased an "alleged" 1983 Honda ATC200x carburetor for an "alleged" 2000XR135 engine--Powroll bored and stroked. (Yeah, I know, I'm going on faith here!) The carb seems very similar in appearance to a stock XR100 carb, just "zoomed in" about 120%! Questions: 1. What is the hot set-up for mounting the ATC200x carb in a most-sano fashion to an XR100? Details and specifics, please--pretend that I am an idiot! 2. I plan on running a pod filter--recommendations? (please include links and or parts numbers) 3. Baseline jetting suggestions--I am essentially at less than 500 feet ASL. I searched this forum under "ATC200x" and got 50 threads--all good stuff, but not exactly what I needed. Thanks, Jeff Sutton Spotted Dog Racing
  8. Youngr51: What--exactly--is "the fork oil trick?" Please be painfully specific in your explanation. Thanks, Jeff Sutton Spotted Dog Racing
  9. Thanks for all the input, guys and gal! I'm going to give the 420 conversion a try. Jeff Sutton Spotted Dog Racing
  10. Anyone?
  11. Will XR80 countershaft/rear sprockets attach to an XR100 countershaft/rear wheel without requiring any modifications? It's for a 2000 model that's going to be used primarily as a road-racing motard, and any weight savings (420 vs. 428) may be advantageous. Jeff Sutton Spotted Dog Racing
  12. racejmac: How about some more specific details on the XR100 "420 kit?" Jeff Sutton Spotted Dog Racing