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  1. RHS

    Noob needs help.

    I do believe 93 was the first year of the 650L. Sounds like a nice bike with low miles. Look at the wear on the frame and engine case, especially around where your boots rub, along with the overall condition of the bike. That should confirm if the mileage is correct. Price sounds high, but it is spring time. The bikes havent changed really at all up to 2009, and they sell for 6k or so new.
  2. Thanks for the compliments! Been thinking of getting white sidepanels and fork boots off a newer L. Or maybe painting my panels.
  3. Hey, been on here a long time, just dont post much. Always appreciate the great info I find here. Had several XR's in the past including a 94 XR600R. Sold that and got a street legal DRZ400E, really liked it, but missed the XR (my Cadillac). Well been out of the scene for few years and decided to get another bike. Back in the winter I scored this 95 with only 5k on it. Had the CR fender, Yoshi pipe, clark tank, daves carb mod, and new tires. I since added lots of stuff. Here are few pics. Just installed the Skidplate and graphics from XR's only today. Went with the graphics since finding ones for an oversize tank is hard to do. I like them so far.
  4. RHS

    Show your PIG

    My 95 white pig... Bought it this winter with 5k miles on her. Did lots of mods, love it so far.
  5. RHS

    1984 XL600R Newbe Poster

    I just bought a 95 xr650l after owning many XR's. We are the same age, I too no longer ride "balls out". As for the bike project, I believe the 83 through late 85's are dual carb. My opinion is get it running good and enjoy it, really at our age are we going to max the suspension? I know I wont in my case. For parts, try ebay, always a deal on there. Enjoy
  6. Hey Dave, seems good so far, was hoping a local could show me around some. Any time you would like to head down shoot me an email rhs98jeep at Yahoo.com
  7. I really like the area so far, been here since June. Dave, Cortland is a bit of a distance, you ever ride down this way let me know.
  8. Hey all, I have relocated to Corning NY, looking for some new people to ride with. Any local riders out there? Looking for some dual sport folks, this is a great area for it, been having a good time exploring so far.
  9. Thanks guys, thats what I figured it was, wanted to make sure before I bought the parts.
  10. Got the bike out today to do a few road miles (2001 DRZ400E), noticed the rear brake resevior was low. Refilled it and checked it, found brake fluid comes out the brake switch when the pedal is pressed. It seeps out between the red switch and brass bolt. Is this a master cyl seal or do a need a new switch?? Also, where is the best place to buy Factory replacement parts online? Does TT sell them?? TIA, appreciate any help
  11. You'll love it, the Yoshi Ti was my best performance mod!
  12. I went through the same thing awhile back. I ended up buying a DRZ400E already street titled out of MD. I did do extensive research however. I talked to the guys in FFT, they said you need a brake light and rear view mirror, that is all. As for the title, if it says offroad only, you need to apply for a salvage title, save your reciepts for what you install, then have it checked. The sherif's office in Spencer Co checked mine when I got it, all they looked at was the Milage, thats it... They didnt give a hoot about anything else. They just need to fill in the blanks on there paper work, other than that they could care less. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me, hope this info helps some.
  13. RHS

    DRZ400 vs. XR 600

    I owned both, I had a 94 XR600R and now a 01 DRZ400E. I liked the XR, it was a great bike. The weight didnt bother me, however, I am a big guy so I could sling it around. The main thing I like about the DRZ is the E-start, the 600 was a [@#$%&*!] to kick over after it sat for awhile. I did really like the 600 on the trails, great torque, and indistructable when you crash. Never worried about laying it down, I do with the DRZ (rad's). However, all that in place, I would go with the DRZ again without question. It handles better, has as much or more power, is much more fun to ride, and has E-START!! Bottom line, if you have the money, get a DRZ400E, if you dont have much money, get a XR600R (you can get them for cheap and they are good bikes), that is my conclusion. I hope that helps
  14. RHS

    Rider dies. Please pray.

    <>< So Sorry to hear that.
  15. RHS

    WIll have bike on Saturday!!!!

    I drove 14 hours round trip for my bike, would do it again in a heart beat!