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  1. I have recently replaced the tyre and new chain and sprockets that are correctly tensioned tensioned. I live near the mountains, and without blowing my trumpet, I run bike right around to the edge of the tyre in the corners. It does sort of baffle me as I also have a ducat monster and the chain on it runs as close or closer to the tyre and never rubs. It only has a similar guide on the front of the swingarm. I am thinking it may be due to the way a single makes the chain run so violently due to its pulses and no cush drive. When you watch the chain when riding (not recommended) it moves around a lot more on the drz than it does on the monster.
  2. Thanks. That slider looks like what I need. do you have a link or name of the slider.
  3. Thanks I can see there are a few variables I may have not considered. I have also seached this forum a bit more extensively and can see that a DRZ400SM front chain slider has wings to prevent the chain rubbing. I am thinking I will get one and try that. Sounds like it will fit a DRZ400E swingarm.
  4. I have a 2003 DRZ 400E and a while ago got some motard wheels. Talon hubs with sm rims. Love it as a motard but when I got the rims it had a 160/60/17 tyre and the chain rubbed on the edge of the tyre. I was ok with that thinking it was too wide. I have recently gone to a 140/70/17 and it is still rubbing and seems worse...it is really chewing the edge of the tyre out...maybe because it is softer. I have checked chain tension and wheel alignment. I am now thinking it may be the chain guide on the swingarm is worn letting the chain move across. Anyone got any ideas or had a similar experience.
  5. Well it certainly frees up the engine. It goes quite a bit harder in the mid range and top end. Although it only a feeling and not backed up with any actual testing.
  6. I have an Aussie made Barret pipe on mine. Sounds great and adds to the performance. Very happy with it. My friend has a MRD and while it certainly suits the bike and helps performance it is very LOUD. Too much noise for me. The barret pipe has a nice deep sound but really crackles when the revs get up.
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