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  1. Tonight, Tuesday, March 23, former world champ Tommi Ahvala will be the studio guest with Greg White on 2-wheel Tuesday on Speed Channel. 8PM EST, 7PM CST. They'll be talking about Greg's trials riding adventure at the Trials Training Center I'm sure, also about the upcoming nationals. The National Championships kickoff with the opening 2 rounds at TTC in Sequatchie, TN on April 3/4. If you're within driving distance, you should come check this out. If you've never seen top level riders in person before, you have got to see this as it will totally blow you away. You can get more info & directions, etc. on the website at www.trialstrainingcenter.com -dan brown
  2. dbrown

    Trials on TV

    On next Tuesday, March 23, check out the 2-Wheel Tuesday show on Speed Channel. Tommi Ahvala will be the studio guest. I think they'll show some clips from when Greg White came up to the Trials Training Center a while back. Should be cool to watch. They'll also talk about the upcoming nationals season starting April 3 at TTC. Dan Brown www.trialstrainingcenter.com
  3. dbrown

    How big of a trials bike does a guy need?

    You will have fun on any size bike if it is in good condition, especially if it is your first bike. After your skills develop a bit, you will be keen for something not only bigger, but more modern. But the 125 is fun to start. The main thing is get riding! The rider makes way more difference than the bike! Dan Brown www.trialstrainingcenter.com
  4. dbrown

    Trials the perfect second motorcyle!

    Hey, you guys are singing my tune! We have a class at the Trials Training Center we call "Crosstraining 101" using a rental trials bike, especially for dirt riders who want to give trials a shot or just improve their basic skills. It works! We've had many top enduro riders use this to improve their riding skills, especially on the technical stuff. But be warned, you will be easily hooked on this fun sport! You can practice in the back yard for 30 minutes after you get home from work and it's no big hassle, but a great workout. Anybody see Greg White last night on 2-wheel Tuesday? He genuinely had a great time riding a trials bike for the 1st time. I'm looking forward to more coverage of Trials on Speed Channel! Dan Brown www.trialstrainingcenter.com
  5. dbrown

    Trials Bikes

    Hey, I just discovered this thumper forum, I like it! Anyways, you folks who are thinking about trials & trials riding techniques should check out the Trials Training Center in TN, www.trialstrainingcenter.com for some professional instruction. It will make your riding progress so much faster to have someone show you the techniques, especially before you learn a bunch of bad habits. p.s., Chris Florin is partly sponsored by TTC.
  6. The same, it sounds like you need some remedial training!
  7. There was a nice segment on motorycle trials on the TV show "Guts and Bolts" last night on the History Channel. It will be repeated on Tuesday night at 12:30AM EST and again on Sunday night, Dec. 7, at 11:30PM EST. Some nice footage of top pro riders, including Ray Peters of the Trials Training Center trying to teach the host how to ride. Worth a look. Dan Brown www.trialstrainingcenter.com XR250 & many others!